Morning Banana Diet Rules

Every diet has rules. If a diet works for you, it’s simply because the rules have had the effect of making you eat less food (nothwithstanding whatever magical claims a diet may make). Diet rules generally do this by making eating a little harder or less convenient, through restricting when or what you can eat. Throw in a little “scientific theory” for motivation, and you have a diet. And remember, no diet works for everybody. So what are the Morning Banana Diet rules? Here’s a synopsis collected from various sources:

If you are a health reporter, dietitian or blogger intending to write about the diet, please read this page carefully and also check out this blog post before you write a kneejerk “just another fad diet” article. Thanks!

Eat a banana for breakfast

  • You can eat more than one, and in fact the inventor of the diet often ate four (smallish Philippines) bananas in the morning, but don’t stuff yourself to the point of fullness or discomfort.
  • Eat only raw, uncooked, unfrozen bananas.
  • Other fruit may be substituted.
  • If other fruit is substituted, some variants require it be restricted to one type of fruit per meal.
  • If you are still hungry 15 or 30 minutes after your banana, you can eat other food (the Japanese inventor of the original Asa Banana Diet sometimes ate a rice ball two and a half hours later, about 200 calories worth; Morning Banana forum members have suggested oatmeal, although it’s not as portable as a rice ball).

Eat normally for lunch and dinner

  • Dinner must be eaten by 8 p.m. at the latest (6 p.m. is better).
  • There are no explicit limits on the types of food you can eat for lunch and dinner, or the amount. But in practice dieters report on Mixi that they try to cut the amount of rice they eat and find substitutions for fried foods. As with many diets, the mere fact you have decided to go on a diet tends to make you more aware of what and how much you are are eating and how healthy it is. The diet avoids strict food rules to prevent a sense of deprivation.
  • However, you should not eat a dessert with dinner or any of your meals; you’ll need to satisfy your sweet tooth during a snack, but we’ll get to that later.
  • At all meals you should eat only until you’re satisfied but not full or stuffed. The Japanese have a proverb, Hara hachibu ni isha irazu, “A stomach eight-tenths full needs no doctor.” American dietitians define this level of fullness or satiety as a 7 on a 1-to-10 “hunger scale,” and they teach their clients to recognize this feeling.

Drink only water

  • The only beverage allowed at most meals is water, preferably mineral or filtered.
  • The water must be at room temperature, not chilled or hot.
  • The water should be drunk in small sips and not used to wash down food.
  • There is no quota of water to drink, and you should not drink it in excess.
  • Outside of meals non-caloric beverages like tea, coffee, and diet soda are generally allowed but somewhat frowned upon, and in general water is encouraged as much as possible; frequent consumption of milk products is discouraged.
  • On social occasions you may drink beer or wine.

Eat your food mindfully

  • Chew your banana and other food thorouoghly and be mindful of its taste.

You may eat an afternoon snack

  • A sweet snack of chocolate, cookies, or the like is allowed at about 3 p.m.
  • Ice cream, a donut, or potato chips are not recommended.
  • Some substitute fresh fruit for their snack, but if you want sweets you should not deny yourself.
  • Some Japanese who like salty snacks eat salted konbu (seaweed) snacks and some Japanese who are very hungry in the afternoon substitute a filling, fist-sized rice ball for sweets.
  • A good alternative if a salty or more filling snack is needed is popcorn according to Morning Banana forum members, but watch out for excessive fat content.
  • If you are hungry after dinner, you may have a second snack of fresh fruit, but this should not be a habit.

Early to bed

  • Go to bed by midnight. If you can manage to go to bed earlier, all the better.
  • Try to aim for a four-hour period between your last meal or snack and bedtime (which is why 8:00 p.m. is the latest you should eat dinner).

Exercise only if you want to

  • Put no pressure on yourself to exercise.
  • If you want to exercise, go ahead: the test is to do what puts the least stress on you.
  • But try to get some walking in every day if possible (but again, don’t force yourself if it stresses you out).
  • If you want a traditional Japanese light workout, consider taking up the kendama.

Keep a diet journal

  • Because the original Japanese banana diet was developed on the internet, many successful Japanese dieters naturally documented their daily food intake and progress online via blogs, forums, or social networking services, and they felt this gave them extra support (we have prepared a Morning Banana Diet Forum with individual food blogs for your use).
  • Because of the diet’s emphasis on digestive processes, some Morning Banana Diet journalers record a bit “too much information” — so remaining anonymous may be advisable.

Will following these rules be easy for you to follow, and help you eat less and lose weight? There’s no way to know without giving it a try. Start now by registering for our forum.


Anna 10.17.08 at 10:56 pm


Joan 10.20.08 at 9:14 am

I lost 14 lbs on Weight watchers. I put all of it back on. I find that I have no self control. I am hoping this banana diet works. I wish there was some what to get back onto the fen fen diet. That worked best for me. Joan

phyllis 10.20.08 at 12:31 pm

I lost 32 pounds on weight watchers and put most of it back on. I really need to find something easier that works

Karen 10.21.08 at 8:42 am

Over a little more than a year, I lost 50# on Jenny Craig. A year later, I have lost 3# more. This works!!

I have not done Jenny Craig for the last year.

Susan Lynn 10.21.08 at 8:44 am

I am counting on the Banana diet to help me lose the pounds I need to lose.

Nancy 10.21.08 at 12:14 pm

Started the diet today,hope it works!!! Seems easy enough to follow.

shirley 10.21.08 at 4:06 pm

what are you supposed to eat for lunch…fruit, vegetables, etc?

mango 10.21.08 at 4:51 pm

Shirley, you can eat normal meals for lunch, although you should only eat until you are satisfied, but not stuffed. And most people on the diet try to eat a bit more healthier than they had been, for instance a smaller portion of rice (for Japanese) and less fried food.

There is a Morning Banana Diet forum where you can ask questions like this and get answers from the community.

Richard 10.21.08 at 5:09 pm

There is are a few simple law in life…

1. “What you feed Grows, what you starve Dies” ~ Eat too much and don’t exercise, guess what… Your going to put on weight.

2. Get Rich Quick Schemes don’t work, and neither do Loose weight quick schemes. You need to work hard and be realistic.

3. You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you Expect. Put a note on your door which says “I EXPECT To loose weight today” keep this in your focus all day long.

The ultimate key to loosing weight is to make it your core focus. Here is an acronym to help you focus.

F. Forward Plan. Create a written plan of what you want to achieve. Be specific and have a target in mind of what weight you would like to be.

O. Overcome Distraction. Do not allow yourself to be distracted from your goal. Make a list of all the distractions and then make a list of what you will do to overcome those distractions.

C. Commit to a goal. Start in the future and then work back to the present. Create a 1 year goal, and then break it into monthly and daily goals.

U. Understand your objectives. Make sure you are crystal clear with your plan and that you write it down. It is very important to have a clear understanding of your goal.

S. Systemize your life. Create a spreadsheet to track your weight on a daily basis, make a commitment to wake up at 5:00am and exercise every day. etc.

Important: It takes 21 Days to break old habits and form new ones, you should commit to a plan and stick to it every day for at least 21 days.

Big Tip: Don’t focus on currently being overweight, because what you focus on gravitates towards you. Focus on your target and visualize that you have already achieved your goal. If you were once that weight, focus on how it felt at that point in your life and focus on returning to that state.

Finally… Put a sign on your fridge that says “Do Not Disturb”

Traci 10.21.08 at 10:35 pm

I had a banana this morning which was very hard because I do not like bananas whole. I like them on cereal and stuff.. I am not a banana fan but I am getting desperate because with my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis exercise is very hard for me. I will give this a week and see what happens.

Denise 10.21.08 at 11:11 pm


While your comments are well noted, I am pretty sure that you have not given birth to any children. So sometimes it is very hard to set down plans that you can follow to the “T”. Being a single parent, I have been working on my weight loss for over a year and have lost 40lbs and it has not been easy. I am not able to get up @ 5am to exercise, because by the time I get to bed after midnight (after preparing dinner for children, homework, reading to children, cleaning up, and showering) I am too exhausted to think about exercise, because I am already preparing myself for the next day: preparing lunches and clothes. Now for some one who does not have these types of responsiblities it is easy to say FOCUS, well you try to be a woman and focus on all the things you have to do daily, then try thinking about a woman doing this alone. If you can tell me a way to overcome the distraction of twin two-years, a five year old, and a pre-teen; then that would be helpful, maybe you can come and babysit for me so that I can go to the gym and work out, or take an easy walk around the neighborhood, without having to pull and yank at 3 samll children. Not to be rude or anything, but you should be so condescending in your comments, because you never know a persons situation on why they cannot loose weight or why they cannot stick to a rigid structured regime. The only reason I have lost weight is because I am stress out to the max and hardly find time to eat more than 1 meal a day - to tired and stressed to eat half the time.

Ashley 10.22.08 at 12:12 am

Denise: I agree with what you say, it depends on the person and their situation. Different people need different plans, I find it amazing what you are doing all alone though, but be sure to take some “me time” whenever you get the chance to, you deserve it!

Richard: I, on the other hand, am 21 years old and I have no kids, I am not really overweight but I am a few extra pounds heavier then I would like to be. I have a low metabolism which runs in the family, and I know that if I overeat too much and not exercise that I WILL be overweight. So whenever I do gain a few pounds I try one of these fad diets which do work for me at the time, but then I gain it back. I find your comments inspiring, and I have decided to make a journal with goals for a year, and keep track of my weight each day. I find that when you write things down you are more aware, and more likely to eat better because then you get to write the good things down and then you are proud of yourself. Thank you for you notes and I will for sure stay FOCUSed.

Brandon 10.22.08 at 2:32 am

Ashley: I admire you for what you do as I was a single parent of an 18 month old for a couple of years before getting married and having another. Even as I write this my wife is out of town for work so now its 1 dad 2 kids to deal with every day. But I dont think that Richard was trying to be rude or inconsiderate he was just stating some known ways of achieving goals. As far as being tired I would suggest writing down what you do eat and look at the pattern of what and when you eat and then adjust a small part of it to try to gain more energy and possibly throw in some vitamins & minerals as well. My wife and I began this several months ago and I finally have gotten over the mid day crash at work. Maybe 1 of the goals that you can write down could be to fit in more “me time” or just to eat more and better. You’ve got to take care of yourself because noone else is going to and then noone else is going to take care of your kids. Keep up the good work I’m sure I would have no hair by now if it wasnt for my wife.

james 10.22.08 at 4:17 am

If you want to lose weight quickly, and drastically cut down cravings…I advise everyone to try the Mens Health TNT diet. I lost 80 lbs on it and I used suffer from binge eating disorder. Please at least check out the website I linked. good luck to all

Andie 10.22.08 at 6:38 am

I gotta back up Denise here. Richard was completely condescending. I’m sick of average weight people targeting overweight people with weight loss advice. Give it a rest because we know it all already. Do you think we choose to be fat? Do you think we want to be fat?
Bottom line - we know what we need to do to lose weight. We know that exercise and healthy and moderate eating with make us slimmer.
So why aren’t we skinny? We’ll there are hundreds of reasons why people fail when it comes to making life style changes. But what’s important is that we keep trying. Maybe a fad diet isn;t the healthiest way to lose weight but it offers us “fatties” the hope of shedding a few pounds and feeling good about ourselves.
Until you’ve walked a mile in a “fattie’s” shoes, keep your mouth shut!!!!

Sallie 10.22.08 at 6:50 pm

Hi there, I just wanted to say that I was a “fattie” and the reason I was a “fattie” was because I ate too much and I didn’t move my fat bum enough. I stopped eating as much, I moved more and over a year I lost 40lbs. That was 10 years ago and I was a single parent struggling financially and emotionally but I just didn’t want to be stuck in the rut of low self confidence, always feeling tired and ugly and useless. Only I could make the decision to change my life, I had to really want it for myself and my two daughters. I agree with what Richard says but it has to be the right time for you to commit to making the change and by making it your core focus the barriers become easier to work with. Andie I hear what you are saying but some of the average people you talk about targeting overweight people with advice may have actually been a fattie once and do understand what it’s like to walk in a fatties shoes or if you think about a doctor he doesn’t have to have had an illness to treat it………………….Good luck everyone with your weight loss :-)

admin 10.22.08 at 7:02 pm

We’d appreciate it if you nice people would continue the “Richard” discussion in the forums, perhaps the Copacabana forum. :-) It’s not really on-topic for this page, which is about how to do the Morning Banana Diet. When we get a chance, perhaps we’ll move these comments to their own page.

Ashley 10.23.08 at 12:35 am

Brandon: I think you meant Denise and not Ashley ;)

Antoinette 10.25.08 at 1:40 am

Can you have splenda in the morning with tea?

admin 10.25.08 at 2:43 am

Tea is OK 30 minutes after your banana breakfast. This is discussed in the forums, so check those out.

Thomas 10.26.08 at 2:26 am

Hi, I’ve been on the banana diet now for 7 months and didn’t know it. I eat a banana every morning on my way to work after I have a cup of coffee. I find that I wasn’t as hungry as I use to be but didn’t know why? At lunch I use to eat chicken over salad and most times finish it all and by 4pm I was starving for dinner. Now I eat whatever I want for lunch like a big hamburger and french fries. But I only eat half and take the other half home. I would eat the other half for dinner or eat anything I wanted but only half the amount for dinner. If I wasn’t hungry I would just have a salad. I do as a snack during the day or after dinner have dried fruits and nuts. I have small portions of snacks. So what I see happening is that I really only have 1 meal a day, and fruit and nuts. I really didn’t know why I wasn’t as hungry as I use to be until I read this banana for breakfast diet. I’m down 35 lbs in 7 months I only want to lose another 15 lbs I’m still loosing and eating anything I want. Its the greatest diet I have ever been on and the easiest one too!

ANNA 10.26.08 at 12:52 pm


shiran 10.28.08 at 12:46 am

i wanted to know if the reason you cant eat sweets during the day(beside the 3 pm snack) is a calories thing or is there something in the suger that doesnt react well with the diet…

admin 10.28.08 at 1:04 am

I think the sweets limit is just that you can’t have a diet that says “Eat anything you want,” without any other limits. You wouldn’t lose any weight! So the MoBa says “Eat what you want for lunch and dinner,” but the flipside is that sweets are limited, mealtimes are scheduled, and you can’t feel stuffed when you eat.

Sweets are a common stumbling block for dieters, so it makes sense to set some limits. If your weakness is something besides sweets, MoBa might not work as well.

gigie 10.28.08 at 10:13 pm

i just wanted to know, why milk products (milk, yogurts, etc) are not compatible with the diet? so we cannot drink any of it? what would be the effect if i drink like a glass of milk everyday in my lunch? thanks

woggercatt 11.02.08 at 12:37 pm

Hello everyone,
I’ve been on the Banana Diet for 1 week, I lost about 10lbs, I’m hopping to lose about 30 lbs. I hope we all can support each together to loose this weight.

fuzzerdoodle 11.03.08 at 1:37 am

I lost 25 pounds on the Curves weight loss system, along with their exercise of 1/2 hour a day , 3 days a week. The best part of this is you are eating REAL food……..therefore after the 6 week program………you do not have to wonder how or what to eat!!!! I’ve kept the 25 off for 6 months now but am going for a few more pounds with the banana diet…….wish me luck!

johnb 11.03.08 at 4:53 am

The banana diet works! The trick is to do the following:

1.) Follow the banana diet! An orange and yogurt added for breakfast will also “keep your hunger pangs down through lunch and even through dinner”. Trust me!
2.) Cut back on all of your other unhealthy eating habits (big breakfast every day, big lunches, big dinners, the massive overloading of restraunt menu choices, ice cream after dinner/at night, Starbucks, BonBons and hot dogs at the movies, etc)!
3.) Excercise at least once a day, enough to break a moderate sweat! Twice a day for two months increases results twofold!
4.) Incorporate resistance training (light to moderate weight lifting-nothing too strenuous)!
5.) Drink plenty of water!
6.) After two months you can drop to one exercise session a day or three a week and eat a little lunch or dinner (not both on the same day), but keep with the same morning eating habits!

I lost 40 lbs. in two months (from 4/30/2008 - 6/30/2008), another 10 over the summer (which included the resumption of my moderate beer drinking), and have kept it off! You have the time-you can do it!


VS 11.03.08 at 9:24 am

Are dairy products prohibited?

Na 11.06.08 at 12:31 am

Hey Woggercatt
Care to share what u have for lunch n dinner?

Nick 11.06.08 at 1:09 pm

I am really frustrated. I have been on numerous diets and i loose but gain the weight back. So I am going to try this diet and hopefully it will work. It sounds easy enough. I do have a question, It says not to eat any dairy, but as i have been reading there have been people eating yogurt on this diet. I am a little
confused, are we suppose to elimate ALL dairy or just eat dairy in moderation?

Nick 11.06.08 at 1:16 pm

What is a rice ball? Is it the same as a rice cake?
If not where would I be able to get a rice ball?

mango 11.06.08 at 8:02 pm

A rice ball is just white rice formed into a triangular shape for portability. There’s usually a bit of fish (like salmon) in the middle and some nori seaweed paper wrapping it (like on some kinds of sushi).

There’s a photo here:

Dairy: The diet doesn’t allow any yogurt or anything at all besides water with the banana, but you could have yogurt 30 minutes later if you are still hungry. Dairy is a bit discouraged in the Japanese diet, but Americans have been adding it to the diet without disasterous results.

T-chan 11.07.08 at 9:02 pm

I’m not sure if you guys are aware but some of these rules are quite inaccurate according to Japanese sites I’ve read (yes I’m fairly fluent in Japanese, live here and husband is non-English speaking Japanese)
1. There is never any mention in the sites I’ve read about a ban on dairy products, but rather a ban on cold things. Because, as my husband explained, cold food and drink lower your body temperaturewhich hinders weight loss in the same way winter does, your body tries to warm up by packing on fat (or so the Japanese believe, I can’t attest to scientific accuracy with that.
2. You are not limited to only water to drink, water is only required in the morning. The allowed to eat after 15-30 min rules is actually allowed to drink something other than water after 15-30 min have passed (i.e. morning coffee, tea, etc.)
If you want I can submit the link to the site I am quoting the rules from.

admin 11.08.08 at 3:10 am

Hi, T-chan. We’ve been following your remarks on 3FC. The site you mentioned there is not particularly official. You complained that our rules are too long, but Hamachi’s site (not the one you mention) has a set of rules even longer than ours.

Our sources are the two Bunka-sha books by Hamachi, plus the Makino Shuppan book in which he cooperated. By the way, the first Bunka-sha book has extensive quotes from Mixi users asking question, which Hamachi answers. We’re not taking that stuff directly from Mixi.

Hamachi does talk about dairy (including yogurt and ice cream) and beverages in his first book (in response to Mixi questioners, on page 54 of the 1st edition of his first book), and we’ve discussed it in the forums, which is the best place for you to post about stuff like this.

And remember, this site is about the “Morning Banana Diet,” an original coinage of ours, which is our attempt, with the help of our forum members, at arriving at a version of Hamachi’s “Asa Banana Diet” adapted to Western foods and culture. The Japanese Asa Banana Diet is called the “Banana for Breakfast” diet in English by Hamachi and Bunka-sha. So our Morning Banana Diet does differ in certain aspects from the Asa Banana Diet. The two main places where we diverge from the Asa Banana Diet are (1) suggesting substitutions for foods not generally available or liked in the United States (like nigiri and konbu), and (2) emphasizing the meal scheduling and satiety-inducing aspects of the diet over the somewhat bizarre pseudoscience enzyme and digestion theories that the Watanabes describe in their books.

T-chan 11.08.08 at 9:32 am

It was my understanding that the diet did not orginate on Mixi but was created by a pharmacist. I understand there are a lot of versions of the diet out there and the one I was qutoing from seems to be the one of choice here. The only big restriction being foods that lower your body temp.
But anyhow thanks for pointing me in the direction of where you guys adapted your rules from, clears things up a bit for me.
Just as a final note they say bananas with brown spots are best as the spots have the most ‘fat burning power’~

Rodrigo 11.12.08 at 2:33 am

Is very similar to what my doctor recomended (I have lost 10 K=22 pounds), ideally no carbohidrates for dinner, you can have lots of green salad), also no fruit (sugar) after noontime, eat at least 4 times a day meaning a healthy snack beween main meals.

Shankar 11.13.08 at 5:15 pm

Hi Pple,
‘m new here.. Actually ‘m 22years male. but apparence just looks like a 28 or 30 years man(OVER MATURED ). This is my problem.. Here in India i heard tat ths morning banana diet will help my prob.. Can anyone help me plz….

Miaka 11.15.08 at 12:45 am

One thing I don’t agree with and defies all science. The point about exercise. People, you NEED to, HAVE to exercise!!! Regardless of what you eat. You’ll be the most tired, unhealthy, fatigued and unhappy person if you don’t exercise for 30 minutes a day.

Peter 11.16.08 at 10:08 pm

Hi there, after reading the rules I think that this diet definitely deserves a try… (I’d love to get rid of some 10-12 Kg). Nevertheless it will be hard for me to give up cheese!

stefania 11.17.08 at 3:34 am

is it possible to read the diet in Italian?

CatW 11.17.08 at 3:36 am

Hey, I heard about the banana diet from a friend. I’m not terribly overweight or anything, but both sides of my family suffer from weight realted health problems and I figured prevention is good. I excerise for about an hour and a half on weekdays (I’m on a competeive basketball team). The banana diet sounds realsitc enough for me, I leave early for class and I’ve noticed that I’m way less tired and not as likely to gorge on sweets when I have breakfast. My question: If around 11:00 (which is when I have my break and usually have a snack) would a little fruit be OK?

maria cristina pugliese 11.17.08 at 6:26 pm

e’ possibile che qualcuno mi invii la dieta così provo a farla?

NICOLA FILOGRASSO 11.17.08 at 6:57 pm

E’ possile ricevere le istruzioni dettagliate, su come eseguire correttamente queta dieta.

Filippo 11.17.08 at 9:14 pm

In attesa che la dieta venga tradotta si può usare il traduttore di Google….è un italiano “maccheronico” ma si capisce benissimo…..e quello che non si capisce…non ingrassa

ferrero.marchetti 11.17.08 at 9:15 pm

Vorrei avere le indicazioni per poter fare questa dieta, vorrei anche sapere se ci sono controinicazioni grazie.

kyle 11.18.08 at 2:21 am

Thank you for sending me the diet.

gloria 11.18.08 at 2:53 am

ho tradotto sommariamente in italiano le regole della dieta:

Puoi mangiarne più di una al mattino ma non riempirti fino a sentirti troppo sazio
Mangia solo banane crude e non decongelate
Puoi sostituire la banana con altri frutti
Se la sostituisci con altri frutti, ricorda di mangiare un solo tipo di frutto per pasto
Se hai ancora fame dopo 15 o 30 minuti che hai mangiato le banane puoi mangiare altro cibo (l’inventore di questa dieta mangiava una pallina di riso – tipo sushi – per circa 200 calorie)

La cena dovrebbe essere fatta non dopo le 20 (verso le 18 sarebbe meglio)
Non ci sono esplicite restrizioni sul tipo di cibo che puoi mangiare a pranzo e cena, né sulla quantità. Si consiglia però di limitare l’assunzione di riso ( = pasta???) e di evitare i fritti.
Vietato mangiare dolci durante i pasti. Hai la possibilità di farti uno snack, ma lo vedremo dopo.
Devi mangiare finchè ti senti soddisfatto ma non “ingozzato”. Lo stomaco dovrebbe essere pieno per una “scala della fame” da 1 a 10 arrivi al 7.

La sola bevanda consentita è l’acqua, meglio se minerale o filtrata
A temperatura ambiente, non fredda né calda, a piccoli sorsi e non per mandar giù il cibo, senza limiti di quantità, ma senza neppure eccedere
Fuori dai pasti sono consentite bevande non caloriche, es. tè, caffè, bibite dietetiche, anche se non si incoraggia il consumo di tali bevande, così come del latte
In occasioni sociali è consentito bere vino o birra

Mastica piano il cibo e sii consapevole del suo gusto
Verso le 15 è permesso uno snack dolce (cioccolato, biscotti o simili)
Vietati gelati e patatine
Come snack va bene anche un frutto, ma se hai voglia di dolce non privartene
Se hai fame dopo cena, puoi farti un secondo snack o frutto fresco, ma non dev’essere una consuetudine
Vei a letto prima di mezzanotte, prima è , meglio è
Cerca di far passare 4 ore tra il tuo ultimo pasto o snack e il momento di andare a dormire.
Non forzarti a fare attività fisica.
Se ti va di fare sport , asseconda questa tua passione, altrimenti non stressarti, cerca se puoi di camminare un po’ ogni giorno, ma non stressarti
Molti tengono un resoconto di ciò che mangiano e dei risultati della dieta nei blogs, nei forum e nei social networking services in internet, riscontrando che ciò porta un ulteriore supporto

gloria 11.18.08 at 2:58 am

hi, I’m italian - heard about this diet on tv a couple of days ago. Please advise how to manage it with italian cuisine: what about bread, pasta & pizza? We don’t eat “rice balls”!!!! Another habit of Italians is to eat late (lunch at 12.30/13.00 , dinner at 20/21 in the North, still later in the South) : should this damage the success of banana diet?
If I have well understood, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurth) should not be eaten…
I’m going to start with this diet tomorrow… hope it works, I must get rid of at least 4 kgs!!!

Merete Kristensen 11.18.08 at 4:15 pm

Mattina banana dieta norme

Ogni dieta ha delle regole. Se una dieta lavora per voi, è semplicemente perché le norme hanno avuto l’effetto di rendere meno si mangia il cibo (a prescindere qualunque magico sostiene una dieta può fare). Dieta norme generalmente effettuare questa operazione, facendo mangiare un po ‘di più o meno conveniente, attraverso la limitazione o quando ciò che si può mangiare. Gettare un po ‘di “teoria scientifica” per la motivazione, e si dispone di una dieta. E ricordate, la dieta non funziona per tutti. Che cosa sono le Mattina Banana Dieta regole? Ecco una sintesi raccolti da varie fonti:

(Se sei un reporter della salute, dietista o blogger che intendono scrivere circa la dieta, si prega di leggere attentamente questa pagina e controllare anche questo post del blog prima di scrivere un kneejerk “solo un altro capriccio dieta” articolo. Grazie!)

Mangiare una banana per la prima colazione

  • Si può mangiare più di uno, e di fatto l’inventore della dieta spesso mangiato quattro (piccolo Filippine) banane al mattino, ma non roba per te il punto di pienezza o disagio.
  • Mangiare solo crudo, non cotti, ma non gelate banane.
  • Altre frutta può essere sostituito.
  • Se altri frutti è sostituito, alcune varianti che richiedono essere limitato ad un solo tipo di frutta per pasto.
  • Se si sta ancora affamati 15 o 30 minuti dopo il vostro banane, si può mangiare altri alimenti (l’inventore della dieta a volte uno mangiato riso palla due ore e mezza più tardi, circa 200 calorie vale la pena; Mattina Banana membri del Forum hanno suggerito di farina d’avena, anche se non è come portatile come un palla di riso).

Mangiare normalmente per il pranzo e la cena

La cena deve essere mangiato da 8 pm al più tardi (6 pm è meglio).

Non ci sono limiti espliciti sui tipi di cibo si può mangiare a pranzo ea cena, o la quantità. Ma in pratica dieters relazione sulla Mixi che cercano di ridurre la quantità di riso che mangiano e sostituzioni per trovare alimenti fritti. Come con molte diete, il semplice fatto che avete deciso di andare su una dieta tende a rendere più consapevoli di cosa e quanto si mangia e come è sano. La dieta alimentare evita norme rigorose per prevenire un senso di privazione.

Tuttavia, non si dovrebbe mangiare un dolce con cena o ad uno qualsiasi dei vostri pasti, sarà necessaria per soddisfare la vostra dolce dente durante una merenda, ma noi potremo cominciare a che più tardi.

A tutti i pasti si dovrebbe mangiare solo fino a quando sei soddisfatto, ma non completo o farcite. I giapponesi hanno un proverbio, Hara hachibu ni isha irazu, “A stomaco otto decimi pieno non ha bisogno di medico”. Dietologi americani definiscono questo livello di sazietà o pienezza come un 7 in un 1-a-10 “fame scala”, e che insegnare loro clienti a riconoscere questa sensazione.

Bere solo acqua

  • L’unica bevanda consentito a più pasti è l’acqua, preferibilmente minerale o filtrata.
  • L’acqua deve essere a temperatura ambiente, non sono refrigerati o caldo.
  • L’acqua dovrebbe essere bevuto in piccoli sorsi e non utilizzati per il lavaggio degli alimenti verso il basso.
  • Non vi è alcuna quota di acqua da bere, e non si deve bere in eccesso.
  • Al di fuori dei pasti non calorico bevande come tè, caffè, e la dieta di soda sono generalmente ammessi aggrottò le sopracciglia, ma un po ’su, e, in generale, l’acqua è incoraggiato per quanto possibile; frequente consumo di prodotti lattiero-caseari è scoraggiato.
  • Il sociale occasioni si può bere birra o vino.

Mangiare il cibo mindfully

  • Masticare il tuo banane e altri prodotti alimentari e thorouoghly essere memore del suo gusto.

Si può mangiare uno spuntino pomeridiano

  • Un dolce snack di cioccolato, biscotti, o simili è consentito a circa 3 pm
  • Gelato, un biscotto, o patatine fritte non sono raccomandati.
  • Alcuni sostituire la frutta fresca per la loro merenda, ma se si desidera dolci non si deve negare te stesso.
  • Alcuni giapponesi che amano mangiare snack salato salate konbu (alghe) e alcuni snack giapponesi che sono molto affamati nel pomeriggio sostituire uno di riempimento, di dimensioni pugno di riso palla per le caramelle.
  • Una buona alternativa se uno o più salato di riempimento spuntino è necessario popcorn secondo Mattina Banana membri del Forum, ma fai attenzione alle eccessivo contenuto di grassi.
  • Se sei affamato dopo cena, si può avere un secondo spuntino di frutta fresca, ma questo non dovrebbe essere un abitudine.

Anticipata a letto

  • Andare a letto da mezzanotte. Se si riesce a andare a letto prima, tanto meglio.
  • Prova a scopo di quattro ore tra il vostro ultimo pasto o uno spuntino e di andare a dormire (che è il motivo per cui 8:00 pm è l’ultima si dovrebbe mangiare cena).
  • Esercitare solo se si desidera

  • Non mettere pressione su di te stesso esercizio.
  • Se si desidera esercitare, andare avanti: la prova è di fare ciò che mette meno stress su di voi.
  • Ma cercare di ottenere alcuni a piedi, in ogni giorno, se possibile (ma ancora una volta, non te vigore se si sottolinea out).

Tenere un diario dieta

  • Perché la mattina Dieta Banana è stato sviluppato su Internet, molti di successo giapponese documentati dieters naturalmente la loro alimentazione quotidiana e il progresso in linea tramite blog, forum, o servizi di social networking, e si sono sentiti questo ha dato loro un sostegno supplementare (abbiamo preparato un Mattina Banana Dieta Forum con i singoli blog cibo per il vostro uso).
  • A causa della dieta abbia posto l’accento sul processo di assimilazione, alcuni Mattina Banana Dieta journalers registrare un po ‘ “troppe informazioni” - anonima rimanente così può essere consigliabile.

Sarà seguito queste regole sarà facile per voi da seguire, e per aiutarvi a mangiare meno e perdere peso? Non c’è modo di sapere senza dargli un’occhiata. Inizia ora a registrare per il nostro forum.

Merete Kristensen 11.18.08 at 4:17 pm

I’m danish and not italian, so it might not be all perfect translated

mango 11.19.08 at 9:47 am

Thanks so much, Gloria and Merete!

Giulia 11.19.08 at 10:08 pm

Excuse me, but why you say ” not to eat cheese or milk”? I do not think that there is written in the rules to be followed … it a rule?
Thank you all

Nighat 11.19.08 at 11:01 pm

I have gone through all the testimonials. They are quite encouraging, lets hope for the best.Today is my first day on banana diet.
I am confused about drinking water, before banana or after eating banana.

mango 11.20.08 at 4:31 am

The promoter of Japanese version of the diet says that dairy products, especially taken with the bananas, can have a somewhat negative effect on weight loss for most Japanese, the 95 percent who do are not lactose intolerant (page 54 of the large format version of his first book).

However, he allows (in fact encourages) milk chocolate at 3:00 p.m. (but discourages ice cream at that time).

The general feeling is that there is not a strong rule against milk outside of breakfast.

However, many milk products, like cheese, are high in calories, and the Japanese banana diet and the Morning Banana Diet, like all diets, in the end will only work if you lower your calorie intake somewhat compared to what you were eating before. So it would be a good idea to keep an eye on your dairy intake for this reason.

robertino 11.20.08 at 9:37 am

Can someone tell me about
eating for dinner Rice Pasta with fresh tomatoes and garlic sauce ?
Can olive oil and balsamic vinegar be used on your salad
Can we use EQUAL with coffee or tea
Can I use cereal bar for afternoon snack


mango 11.20.08 at 11:50 am

Hi, robertino. Please ask these kinds of questions in the forums here.

Giulia 11.20.08 at 7:18 pm

Merete Kristensen ma come scrivi in italiano???????????

Luciano 11.23.08 at 10:34 pm

After how long the first results of loosing weight?

David Hurley 11.25.08 at 10:51 pm

Hi, Thanks for posting a comment on my blog article about the banana diet, which I did refer to as a “Japanese fad”! Many people in Japan will drop it as soon as another “fad” comes along, irrespective of its merits.

A couple of years ago there was the nigari fad, last year it was something else… There is nothing wrong with nigari, but in Japan it was a fad, and I think the banana diet is already a passing fad.

But, I am NOT criticizing the diet itself, just the faddish behaviour of the Japanese consumer! If the diet works for you, stick to it!

Best wishes,

David Hurley
Tiger’s Cave Blog

zara 11.29.08 at 2:43 pm

Hi i had a quick question. why would you need to drink room temp water?

zara 11.29.08 at 3:00 pm

I also had another question, why does the banana have to be uncooked, or raw? what do you mean by that? so get the green oneS?

zara 11.29.08 at 3:24 pm

also, can we have fruit in daily, like 2-3 apples during the day

admin 12.01.08 at 9:01 am

Hi, zara. Support is offered in the forums, not here in the comments.

Kate 12.01.08 at 10:50 am

Why do you have to drink room-temperature water rather than chilled water? Room-temperature water isn’t very refreshing, and it seems like chilled water would have the same impact.

Suneeta 12.03.08 at 7:47 am

I started the diet last week, and I hope this works!!! Heard so much about it…

Mary 12.03.08 at 1:58 pm

Any chance of getting the diet.

FRANCO 12.03.08 at 5:07 pm

I’m Italian and I have just startet the banana diet.
Could you please tell me if, after eating two bananas with the water, I can have a cappuccino?

admin 12.03.08 at 11:35 pm

Comments are now closed. Many answers can be found in the forums, and if you register you can ask questions there.

Comments on this entry are closed.

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