The Diet’s Origins

The Morning Banana Diet is based on the popular Asa Banana Diet developed in Japan and refined on the Japanese internet.

A Japanese white-collar worker named Hitoshi Watanabe (currently 31 years old) had ballooned from his college days weight of about 135 pounds to about 175 pounds. Through various fitness and diet practices he managed to get himself back to 160 pounds, but he couldn’t get any lower.

Enter Sumiko. Hitoshi’s girlfriend was a pharmacist with additional training in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, yoga, and various natural and alternative health practices. When Hitoshi confessed that he wanted to lose that last 25 pounds, Sumiko suggested the ideas that became the core of the Morning Banana Diet: a banana for breakfast, room-temperature water to drink, and dinner well before bedtime.

Hitoshi lost the weight before his marriage to Sumiko, and he was so excited by the diet that he uploaded his before and after photos to the quarter-of-a-million-member Yaseru (”slim down”) community on Japan’s most popular social networking Web site, Many members tried it, asked questions, made suggestions, and the diet took off like wildfire.

Hitoshi and his wife have written two books and cooperated with the author of a third, and many magazines and other media have taken notice. Hitoshi has started his own Morning Banana Diet community on Mixi, and there are other, independent Morning Banana communities on Mixi as well, in addition to the original Yaseru community, whose members still actively discuss the diet.

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Melanie Popham 01.07.09 at 5:18 am

I am a 51 year old New Zealander, who has heard a lot about this diet. I am overweight 105kgs and would dearly love to loose this excess weight for my health’s sake. I am on medication for highbood pressure, onset diabetes, and would love to try this diet. Are there any worries with me being on meds? I love bananas and would love to give this diet a try.

Flori 04.11.09 at 12:35 pm

Can you go on this diet if you are pregnant?

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