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Old April 12th, 2012, 08:13 PM
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Hello, after a friend suggested I look into the banana diet I decided to go online to find out about it.

I had tried everything in the past year, from protein diets, HCG drops (never again), shakes and juicing (which I enjoy but very expensive) I was also considering going back to weight watchers. WW worked but I always felt hungry and it cost a fair bit just to have someone weigh you. I was one of a few (or so I am told) to have a reaction to the hormone HCG where I began to haemorrhage. Sorry if that offends anyone but is a warning I guess.

Anyway after spending a small fortune on all these 'fixes' I almost gave up. Then I looked at the banana diet. To my surprise it was very VERY simple to follow and so cheap. All I needed to buy was a couple bunches of banana's a week. Sounded too good to be true almost so I wasn't in a hurry to try it.

Last Friday I bought my first bunch of bananas, woke up Saturday morning and weighed myself. 113.6 kilos of blubber. Ate my bananas and went about my normal day. Sunday morning 112.5 kilos - no can't be right I thought. I have a digital scale and it can go a bit weird if I move it, which I had to do to mop the floor. So didn't think too much about it. Ate my bananas and went about my normal day. Next day, 112 kilos. Since then I put on 200 grams then lost it again and it’s Friday and I am now 111.6. It’s slowed down but I love it. After trying so many EXPENSIVE things – I can’t believe how simple, cheap and healthy this option is. I now have a new appreciation for the humble banana.

Can't quite believe it.
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