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Default i just started today. bf makes me feel fat.

i understand that there are alot of people out there that are trying to lose a couple lbs. Me, on the other hand, am trying to lose a boatload of lbs 50 hoping anyways.

So today while me and my boyfriend were walking around the mall he just suddenly stops outa nowhere and whispers, "Suck in your belly... you should go to Lane Bryant"....

First off don't get me wrong lane bryant is a wonderful store to shop at... If i were tall and had really attractive curves. Although, i am only 5'0 and at 194 lbs i don't think that me shopping there would have a good impression on my self esteem. I am very short and wish i was more petite. Hearing commments from my bf like those are starting to make me depressed ( even though i know that he's kidding it really does hurt me. I deeply wanted to just wanted to run down the aisles and start crying but instead i told him that as soon as he and I got home i would be eating all the food in the house since i can only lose 1 lb a month.)

Depression is starting to get the best of me.

I don't want this feeling to stick around any longer...

So, if there is anyone out there willing enough to say, "hi " like even once a day, it would be greatly appreciated. I go to the gym, eat healthy for the most part, i just want to be happy.

thanks for reading my thread.

-fat girl
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