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Originally Posted by hikaru_chan View Post
Hello everyone, Im also newbie on banana diet, I will start this diet...hoping it works...I think I have tried so many diets with no results...I think the only way I can lose weight is to stop eating...period xD But yeah,thats not happening lol

I have a couple of questions, I LOVE corn flakes, I read about the dairies...So...can I eat corn flakes or not? Also yogurt...cheese...?
(I also love bananas so this one shouldnt be difficult xD)

Is there like a day off on this diet? Or should I just follow it 7 days a week?

Can I eat fast food? At least once a week?

Its just that I know myself...and trying not to eat things that I like ,all of a sudden is not going to work...But I want to know, if I can slowly start to stop eating all of these things, or it must be done since day one?

Thanks a LOT in advance!!! ^_^
I wish all of u good luck, I know how frustrating it is to try to lose weight...I have such a low self esteem, and Im sure that by losing weight it will help me get some of it back.
I too love cheese to death lol, the jappanesse belive in a consept of umami meaning tasty is japanesse and cheese is full of it! If you have a little bit of a food high in umami like parmizan cheese, seaweed and tofu you can actualy loose weight faster! I have only been on this diet for a week and i have lost 10 pounds I hope it works as well for you as it is for me
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