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Aimless start, but aiming for success

Posted February 9th, 2009 at 05:57 PM by
I started a few days ago after reading about the diet in Women's World magazine at the checkout line. I didn't know the rules til tonight. So, I simply ate the banana for breakfast - along with my usual cereal or glass of milk. Then went about my day. I did not weigh in, and I do not intend to. The # on the scale has never helped me achieve weight loss. Although progress is measured there, it always seem that the # of lbs loss is not in proportion to my effort. I will be tied to the process, not the result (a philosophy I learned in Sales training - basically, keep repeating a script, not expecting success each time, but you'll get better at it and eventually you will have more success than failure).

So, I estimated my start weight, and I don't plan to chime in with 'finished week 1 and X lbs lost'. To me, that's just not rewarding. And I also know that a week is a blink of an eye. We want to see huge progress each week (or each day!), and when it doesn't happen, we are disappointed. I know that if I even lost 1 lb/week, it would be about 1 year to get to my goal weight. To me, 1 year is not a long time!

Anyway, this really sounds like a plan that I can do. The rules are simple. The change for me will be reducing my milk consumption. Also, drinking water @ room temp and sip-by-sip. I'll have to stop drinking soda, too. But, I don't think that will be too hard.

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog. Good Luck to all!!!!
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Day 36 - 38 (((Pictures!!)))

Posted February 17th, 2009 at 06:41 AM by AngieBabyWeight
[SIZE=3]I updated my blogger and added before pictures![/SIZE]
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day 14

Posted May 11th, 2009 at 09:14 PM by yumeko83
Hi everyone! I realize its going to be easier to update while im at school. when im at home i tend to forget to update haha..well anyways today for breakfast i had prune juice then for lunch i had a small enchilada with broccoli and a salad. For the snack i had poptarts, and for dinner i had sweet and sour tofu a chimichanga broccoli. After dinner I had prune juice. Im not sure if i said this in the last one but i hope to weight 120 by this weekend. I hope i do. after this weekend. Im going to do the "3 day diet" and then continue with the banana diet again during the week. alright well i'll update again tomorrow..later!
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Feeling lighter already. . .

Posted March 14th, 2010 at 07:54 AM by kjay77
Hello my new buddies,

First of all, I have been avoiding my scale like the plague. I finally forced my self to weigh this morning and I was five pounds lighter than I expected to be. :eek: Now that is the way to start a diet. Right? I am really excited about this program. It is so hard for me to restrict foods. The only thing that I will struggle with is not being able to have ice cream. I will actually get up in the morning at like 3 a.m. and eat all the ice cream in the freezer (alone while watching weight loss infomercials.) Ironic? My goodness, I am currently in an adulterous relationship with strawberry milkshakes. And yes, my husband does know about it. By the way, Little Debbie is one of my closest friends! LOL Anyhow, you know that saying, "Nothing Taste Better Than Being Thin Feels?" CRAP!!! I have never felt better in my life than when I am curled up in bed with a huge bowl of ice cream, drenched in caramel, covered with salty peanuts with sprinkles on top. You get my drift. Okay, so now I am drooling. My 6's are hanging up above my washing machine and I know that they miss me. I haven't put them on in two years. I take that back. I did put them on on New Year's day and they came a little above my knees. I was like, "Hey, they still fit me. . ."if I were a rapper." HA, HA. . . :cool: I thought that I'd put them in a place where I would be forced to look at them. I wash sooooo many clothes. Mother of 3, including twins. Now Nadya Suleman washes more than I do I am sure. Doesn't it suck how great she looks now? I mean, I'm happy for her just totally JEALOUS! Seriously, great job Nadya. Well, I hope that you guys found this entertaining. Perhaps it brought a little bit of comic relief to your day. In closing, I'd like to mention that I think this is the perfect eating plan for me cause I'm bananas anyhow!!! See ya.
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Day 2 Cont'd.

Posted June 8th, 2012 at 02:03 PM by olive80
I went to the doctor and waited a while (not like a half hour wait, apparently my doctor never gets a room, so my 11:00 appointment turned into a 1:50-2:00 appointment, and I'm apparently a walking disaster (as some of my friends have already labeled, I literally just got back 20 minutes ago. I left the appointment around 3. Well, I also stopped at the meat market because my transportation needed to get stuff for a barbeque tonight. Lucky.

Anysnooch, back to the point of my post. I lost a pound since yesterday, probably water weight, but how many times over can you lose water weight? Which brings me to another thing. I've noticed here on the forums, people tend to use "loose" instead of "lose". These are NOT the same thing. You want your waistband to be "loose" when you're on this diet, because you're hoping that the diet will help you "lose" weight. I felt that needed to be addressed. I know maybe it's a language not being the first (like english isn't the first language), but whatever the case, I'm only trying to help.

Remember, "loose waistband good, and it's great to lose weight".

So, back to me being a walking disaster, I won't gross you out with the details, but I may have a thyroid problem (hence being stuck between 137-139 no matter what i do, though I'm hoping this diet will help), but apparently my allergies could be causing/exacerbating problems I didn't even know i had, and one problem I thought I had wasn't the problem I thought it was, most likely.

So I got prescriptions and samples, and I hope they all work. I have to go back next week to assess whether my thyroid really is a problem. I hope that's it, because then that can fix some of my problems. Ooh, I think I better hop on that acid reflux med, 'cuz I feel it coming on like a B. (Not the good kind of "b", either.)

Anyways, hoping everyone has a swell weekend.
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Day 2

Posted December 28th, 2012 at 11:36 AM by hart2hart
Over slept, not starting out smooth on the routine part of the diet. So had to skip the breakfast and grabbed a cup of coffee for the road to work. Weather better so I got to teach my exercise class, so got in hour of Pilates and hour of cardio and 30 mins yoga. So needed all after a week off. So even though I cheated yesterday with the crackers and jelly I still lost from 145.5 to 142.5. True that could be a lot of water from all the Holliday meals. But it is still good to see. Got home at 1:00 had my glass of water, banana and water again. So hoping I don't cheat before dinner, except the allowed chocolate. Dinner 1 tamale,beans,corn and glass of red wine.
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Dieta da banana – elimine 18 kg em 2 mês

Posted August 10th, 2013 at 10:00 AM by emagrecarapido
The banana diet turned fever in Japan, where you will lose weight by eating bananas at breakfast. A preventive medicine specialist Japanese Hitoshi Watanabe was the mastermind DIET BANANA, food ends quickly with hunger and still carries enzymes can improve digestion, aiding in rapid weight loss.

The banana is a food rich in soluble fiber, that bind water molecules and form a type of dense gel, which takes out the stomach, and thereby creates the feeling of satiety.

On the official website of the banana diet, the results are impressive, participants say lose up to 18kg in two months! How is fever in Japan, there will surely make news uncontrollable worldwide. I hope the price does not go bananas for this reason!!

How does the banana diet

The diet of bananas, is to consume up to 4 bananas at breakfast, along with 2 cups of warm water or unsweetened tea. If you become sick with bananas, switch to apples.

Main meals

In the main meals are released all kinds of food, provided they are moderate. Abuse of salads, fibers, and decrease the carbs. If you have the habit of taking fluids during the meal, avoid taking soft drinks or industrialized beverages, drink water!


Avoid alcoholic beverages is the banana diet or not, and dairy. If I want to eat sweets, try eating for example, light or dark chocolates. Although they belong to dairy, yogurt and cheese are released. The lactose content present in them is very low, compared to other foods, due to its manufacturing process.


The ideal is to make 2 two snacks per day, and one before lunch and one before dinner, respecting three hours apart from meals. Remembering that eating properly makes your metabolism to accelerated, ie, we need to eat to lose weight.

For the banana diet works out, opt for making healthy food snacks such with fruit, yogurt, among others. Well, if you can not handle that urge to eat sweets, noes torture yourself, eat but little happy to eat well and not the whole package.

After the last main meal (dinner)

Before bed is necessary to wait at least 4 hours apart after dinner, remembering that sleeping well, a good night's sleep helps weight loss. When you sleep your metabolism slows down, if you will dine and sleep soon after, digestion is compromised. So the longer this interval is, the more calories you will burn. Always look for dinner light foods such with soups, or other easy to digest.


You do not need to do heavy exercise or workout! Do physical activities such as walking, jogging, among others, at least 30 minutes a day! This is enough to supercharge your diet.
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Why Do I Recommend For Using This PhenQ?

Posted November 21st, 2016 at 10:34 PM by morclemanty
Updated November 21st, 2016 at 10:37 PM by morclemanty
I was seriously worried concerning my weight. In the age of 23, I was having 94 Kg. I understand that is clearly an invitation for several health and wellness problems along with mental troubles. You may not have see anyone happy with this much weight. Like any other overweight, I was also encountering difficulty in accomplishing any type of manual labor as well as appreciating any kind of sport with my buddies. This was a negative duration of my life. Thanks to my educator that told me regarding PhenQ. This supplement was made use of by her cousin and also he got impressive weight management using its day-to-day doses. Thus, I decided to start daily use of this elite formulation. In the initial week, I found a kind of modification in my consuming practices. I utilized to take food nine times in a day and also this formula had reduced my appetite to cut my emotional eating routines. PhenQ weight loss pills are available for sale
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Posted January 14th, 2017 at 03:10 AM by rejuvonusavis
Cells, millions of cells in addition to proper dose of nutrients's; they all supervise of making our face to look plump, healthy and balanced and balanced as well as youthful yet alas their existence with time begins to lower activating your face to look old as well as wrinkly, boring and saggy. In laymen terms, we call this the indicators of aging. So, if one plans to reverse the procedure old from the skin, one needs to make use of something which will work sufficient to recoup the broken cells and cells as well as together with that likewise able to increase them to obtain rejuvenated one more time.

To do this, it is essential initially to boost the level of collagen as well as this is exactly what Rejuvonus Cream does. See the presence of collagen continues to be in wealth when we are young. This is the factor teens do not have to utilize any type of sort of anti-aging things back then. Nonetheless, aspects I have mentioned above start to drop which influences the collagen to get damaged. Rejuvonus anti-wrinkle cream is made up of chain of peptides which when becomes part of the mobile layer of our skin helps to improve the degree of collagen and because of this your skin is able to undertake the adhering to alterations it needed to clock back the aging process.

Increase in the level of collagen boosts the degree of hydration as well as moisture also. As an outcome of the everyday damages, these two begin to go down which aggravates our skin to develop wrinkles as well as fine lines. When the hydration level gets improved, the look of wrinkles and great lines likewise begins to look decreased.

See our skin have a defence mechanism which exists to secure your skin from all the environmental aspects it obtains subjected to everyday however little by little due to the frantic regimen we have rounded the corner leads to damages our skin. Boost in the degree of collagen helps to reinforce our safety guard so that the aging sign does not begin basing on the skin once it obtains recovered after applying Rejuvonus anti-aging Cream.

Rejuvonus Reviews

Bibi stated, "The fight versus growing brand names could be the largest problem for girls in addition to I am mindful. After trying creams beam of lights, creams I decided to select Botox. Nonetheless, a person notified me to attempt one of the most efficient anti-aging cream before. I believed to give it a chance as well as I was exceptionally stunned. He offered me results like I underwent Botox, yet I do not. It is because of this marvel item. ".

Edith specified, "I want to be sensational regardless of if I'm 30 or 40 years. I was not obtaining a great option for my aging phase. Afterwards someone informed me regarding this skin treatment cream that transformed the total skin of my face. It helped me to hide my real age by reducing wrinkled skin. Currently it is my recommended cosmetics and even, I recommend to my buddies also. ".

Where to get this anti-aging cream from?

It is specifically supplied from the internet link provided listed here. Not merely that, by clicking the web link listed below you will not just able making acquisition of Rejuvonus Cream yet furthermore able to get the SAFE TEST deal presently occurring this anti-aging item.
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The Beginning

Posted August 8th, 2008 at 10:08 PM by McCarthyM
Today is Friday the 8th of August. I'm trying this banana diet because counting my calories and exercising isn't taking off the weight like I had hoped. Not sure about this banana thing but am willing to give it a try since no one is trying to dig money out of my pocket or make me eat nasty tasteless food for weeks on end. I think I can handle a few bananas. It's hard to find good bananas on the island, I don't like the taste of the apple bananas and they aren't very big. I'll stick to the regular bananas. I have to check tonight to see if the store has any good bananas. I'll be starting tomorrow morning. The web page said to give it two weeks, so I will , along with exercise and see what happens. I'll be back to post my results. Not every diet works for every body but since this one is so simple I hope it works for my body! Starting weight: 175
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