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Posted August 22nd, 2012 at 01:05 PM by olive80
Updated August 22nd, 2012 at 04:23 PM by olive80
breakfast wasn't til like...10 today. But I had a medium apple, a normal sized glass of water (measuring cup said 8 oz.), 6 homemade cream cheese puffs, and two pizza ones at 11. Lunch will be lunchables. I have an italian soda with me now that I've been sipping on for a couple of hours. I don't know what dinner will be. I also had a huge rice crispy bar...but I got some dance vids, so when I get home, I can dance it off all night! I wanna learn dancehall SO BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. dinner will probably be pizza wontons, but no pepperoni, cuz thats for the bf. I know he likes them. but I did make some black rice, which I forgot to put in my blog yesterday. I had black rice, kimchee and soy sauce. I'll cut the sauce eventually..I think. I just like my rice black. but I don't think it was the glutinous one this time...sad. well, it turned my stuffs purple. Oh, I od'd on fiber...bad chizz. not doing again, lol!
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my last entry didn't post...

Posted August 21st, 2012 at 04:12 PM by olive80
Updated August 21st, 2012 at 04:17 PM by olive80
so I'm a li'l pissed.
anysnooch, 8/18-8/21
breakfast: small apple, water. at 5 in the morning.
10: large apple, bunless hotdog, tomato, onlin, pickle, egg, habanero sauce, ketchup, and water. (most of that in a cup except the apple and water.)
2: a couple bites of gelato. - gave the rest to a friend.
3: 8-10 small chicken wings, 1/2 order of fries
5:30 cake lolli, small mocha light frapp. soy
7pm: homeade carrot/tater soup with ham and kimchi. (ham was super thin deli style)
breakfast: am (weekend breakfasts are always between 5 and 6 am.
mdium banana and apple, water.
9:30: thin 1/2 of bagel with cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, and egg on side. 3/4 can sprite.
noon 1/2 can coke.
2pm: bunless dog, ketchup, mustard, italian soda.
3:pm: 20 pringles.
dinner: same soup as yesterday. no kimchi.
late snack: kimchi and rice.
breakfast: 10 am. cereal, rice, kimchi, soy sauce.
lunch: hot dog, 1/4 bag chips, 1/4 can coke.
dinner: jimmy johns pepe, no cheese or mayo. 1/2 bag chips, water.
later; can coke.
later: can ravioli spiced up.
9:30 am. cream of wheat with lychee meal replacement, cinnamon, and fiber mixed in.
5:pm .
bunless burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion, small fry, and side caesar salad (only ate like...3/4ths of the meal.)
late dinner will be black rice and kimchi, if I feel like cooking. (at 10-11pm, I probably won't.)
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Posted August 17th, 2012 at 02:33 PM by olive80
I don't talk or type like that...usually...>.>...

Anysnooch, Luckily, I work at a farmers market so I have great exposure every weekend to fresh fruits and veggies. Well, mostly veggies, although there are of course unhealthy options around (donuts, I'm not sure where the eggrolls fall - I think they're Vietnamese style -, and I work at a bagel stand. *bagels usually have 300+ calories alone*), and then we make them sandwiches with loads of veggies (yay), sometimes ham, or turkey and an occasional egg (if it's the turkey kind), but people like to add mayo *yuck. I don't like it.* And of course cream cheese.

Our most elaborate sandwich walks out of the stand somewhere between
500=620 calories. Probably not that bad, but most people also buy the lemonade (yes, homemade, also, incredibly calorie dense, or a pop, and they've also most likely had a donut or two.) It also doesn't seem to leave much room for lunch/dinner, calorie wise.

I normally just have ham, egg, veggies, and maybe a dollop of cream cheese (but almost never) in a cup. I eat it with chopsticks because we don't have forks.
I don't take a pop unless it's a coke and my stomach is upset (seems to help).

I've had to alter the diet, though, ...after having gone off. Well, anysnooch, I'm starting again, but with apples. I didn't see much weight gain while I was off, and when I went off track, I'd just add kimchi to my late night snack, and sometimes have it in the morning. I had kimchi and rice today with my apple. Tomorrow, it will just be a couple of apples, and some water. To officially start over. lol.
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Posted August 9th, 2012 at 08:05 PM by wumengjie
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I've been off!!!!

Posted June 21st, 2012 at 06:59 AM by olive80
Egadz, I haven't been here in a while, and I was supposed to update on my tumblr, but I lost internet and my login info. (I found it after MUCH digging around.) So I've been slackin.

I found these, though, and they're good reads. I'll be using some of this. When I finally get moved in, it's gonna be real foods instead of just ramen and hot dogs... I had to trim the link down at first, and scroll down the page because for some reason the page wasn't originally found. Well, so far I do two of these things: Keeping a diet journal (sort of), and "pelvis exercises", (hula hooping! So much fun!).

I just found them in the forums, really.

That's about it for now. ^_____^
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Posted June 10th, 2012 at 02:01 PM by olive80
I had an apple, a couple bagelwiches, an egg roll, and a couple mini cupcakes (weekends are weird for me). It was all very nice. I got too hot, wich is almost never a complaint from me, because I love being hot. The problem with today is that I got hot enough to have a headache again... :(

Getting prepped for potential weekday work (which likely won't be as hot, 'cuz I'll probably just be barista-ing. I don't mind at all though. I really can't wait to start.
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Day 3

Posted June 9th, 2012 at 01:09 PM by olive80
Since it's the weekend, this is a bit harder to keep up with. I had an apple and half a rice pancake for breakfast (I waited for the pancake), then I biked to work (got lost a few times, so it took a while), and when I finally got there, we were full swing for a couple hours. I ate at nearly eight just because I was really hungry. I had a breakfast bagel, and went right back to serving. It was all right. I did a lot of lifting (I can still feel it...), and moving around. I just got back at like 2:30, so I am eating my lunch bagel (which is basically just my breakfast bagel with lettuce and tomato). I got a good deal on bacon and chicken, so those'll be for dinner around 6:30 or 7. (I'm excited to use my new hotsauce, farm raised plants, and it's not like buffalo, louisiana, or tobasco. It's like, "artisan" hot sauce, so I'm really happy!) Anyway, I think what I'm going to do is bake the wings and wrap the bacon around them. Of course, I'll season them, and if I can find a brush, I'll just brush the hotsauce on top. If not, I'll pour it on. I have two kinds now, so if it's not hot enough, I'll mix them. I think we'll be fine with three wings each, and then we'll split this ramen I got at the Korean market, which is also supposed to be spicy. (My boyfriend and I like it really hot.)

I forgot that I also tried a gelato today (first time in a few years, and it was free. I think I'll have the fruit kind, if that's dairyless, tomorrow.) But yeah, lots of moving today, finally get to relax, and back at it tomorrow. Oh, I forgot, I had half a I'm pretty sure I've burned enough moving junk around and cleaning today. I'll stick with just ... maybe my rice crackers? tomorrow. I don't know.
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Posted June 8th, 2012 at 02:08 PM by olive80
I noticed that there are very few new members, so I think I want to post about this on my tumblr. I hope it's not against the rules, I just want to bring traffic here, because it's so awesome.

What I plan to do: post link to site, maybe the "rules" page, and then post a link to the "what it is and isn't" page, as well. That way if I get any comments, it won't be "you can eat like absolute crap and lose weight? yeah right!", more like "ooh, it's not like those websites bashed it for being, this looks pretty cool, let me join." I'm really hoping it'll be like that. And since I have two tumblrs, I think I'll add it to that one, as well. Yeah, that sounds good. What say you? *If you ever come across my blog...?*

Well, here's hoping.
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Day 2 Cont'd.

Posted June 8th, 2012 at 02:03 PM by olive80
I went to the doctor and waited a while (not like a half hour wait, apparently my doctor never gets a room, so my 11:00 appointment turned into a 1:50-2:00 appointment, and I'm apparently a walking disaster (as some of my friends have already labeled, I literally just got back 20 minutes ago. I left the appointment around 3. Well, I also stopped at the meat market because my transportation needed to get stuff for a barbeque tonight. Lucky.

Anysnooch, back to the point of my post. I lost a pound since yesterday, probably water weight, but how many times over can you lose water weight? Which brings me to another thing. I've noticed here on the forums, people tend to use "loose" instead of "lose". These are NOT the same thing. You want your waistband to be "loose" when you're on this diet, because you're hoping that the diet will help you "lose" weight. I felt that needed to be addressed. I know maybe it's a language not being the first (like english isn't the first language), but whatever the case, I'm only trying to help.

Remember, "loose waistband good, and it's great to lose weight".

So, back to me being a walking disaster, I won't gross you out with the details, but I may have a thyroid problem (hence being stuck between 137-139 no matter what i do, though I'm hoping this diet will help), but apparently my allergies could be causing/exacerbating problems I didn't even know i had, and one problem I thought I had wasn't the problem I thought it was, most likely.

So I got prescriptions and samples, and I hope they all work. I have to go back next week to assess whether my thyroid really is a problem. I hope that's it, because then that can fix some of my problems. Ooh, I think I better hop on that acid reflux med, 'cuz I feel it coming on like a B. (Not the good kind of "b", either.)

Anyways, hoping everyone has a swell weekend.
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Day 2

Posted June 8th, 2012 at 07:44 AM by olive80
Updated June 8th, 2012 at 01:55 PM by olive80 (Didn't finish yet.)
Well, it's day two. I think I'll have more water soon, as I'm getting a tic hungry. If that doesn't work, I have some rice crackers (I'm seriously looking for rice balls that I can store in the fridge overnight and just take one or two with me throughout the day.) I'm otherwise enjoying the diet, though. I had a rather long banana (it was a foot long ^_^) I don't know if that counts, though, 'cuz it was curved and I used tape measure, but it seems like it would. Anyway, I'll probably come back and post more later. I have a doctor's appointment soon, so I'll get weighed there. I'm not really expecting any weight loss, since this is only my second "real" day of the diet. (I started three days ago and messed up terribly on the first day) So, here I am, ready to take it on seriously this time. It's not really that hard, and I don't understand why there's so much confusion, as the rules seem pretty straightforward.

I can say that I've seen quite a bit of negativity about the diet, but that's because people didn't read the rules, or some web site misquoted something from here, and misinformed millions (probably). I have a tumblr, so I'll be doing my bit to clarify to others that it's not an all -you -can- eat- buffet- type diet.
That'd be silly!

What got me interested in it this time (I came across it a couple years ago on youtube, but didn't find any information otherwise *I hadn't found the forum until early this week...*) is that a of all) it involves bananas, b of all) It's pretty simple, and c of all) I probably covered all of this stuff earlier in my post, lol...

Anyway, I'll be back with an update later, but it'll be visible on my journal. I like that there are journals her, but they should be more active, I think. ttfn
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