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DAY 1! Here we go- 30 days challenge

Posted December 30th, 2010 at 10:42 PM by mimi_chubby

6:00 a.m: waking up and changing + weight 55kg (120 lbs)

6:30 a.m: running and walking for 30 minutes outside ( Lucky no rain today, but so hot, winter is better)

7:00 a.m: back at home and washing

7:30 a.m: 1 cup of milk with corn flake cereal

8:00 a.m: 1 pear.( I think as long as it low sugar sugar in it is okay, it doesn't has to be bananas, beside i had cereal so it will be able to keep me enough energy till lunch so I want more light fruit)

8-11:00 a.m: studying and reading magazine

11:00 a.m half a banana before lunch

12:00: finish lunch ( I had tuna with tomato sauce, absolutely yummy and healthy + half bowl of rice + 1 bowl of Chinese cabbage soup and the remain half of the banana before lunch)


1-3:30 p.m: I took a nap :P which I should be just 30 minutes max ( ooppps over time today)

4:00: 1 cup of milk with cornflake cereal( I don't normally eat like this but today I had to cook fried noodle for my sisters, so cereal is a lighter choice)

4:00-6:00: water

6:00- a banana :)

6:30-10:00- i keep my self busy with T.V shows

12:00 go to sleep

[B][U]* Note:[/U][/B]

1. It is very important to keep your self busy. Because when you are bored or have nothing to do. Most people tend to eat.
2. Water to help you full
3. Remember listing what you ate for a whole day even 1 piece of nut

Think green, Think Veggies
[I][U]P/s: Check for my DAY 1 menu[/U][/I]
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30 days challenge!!

Posted December 30th, 2010 at 10:18 PM by mimi_chubby
First I want to introduce about my 30 days challenge. I will list all the things that I will be eating everyday for the next 30 days and what I do(staring today):) Yay. The result... well we will see.

Follow my Blog entries and see menu recipe and information about healthy food!!!
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Hello Banana Dieters!!

Posted December 30th, 2010 at 07:52 PM by mimi_chubby
First I want to thanks Google for just a random research about "diet" and Ta-da ... i found this amazing forum!! And of course, a thanks to the Admins of this forum for creating what I was trying to looking for: a Diet Forum ♥ ♥ ♥

So, I'm new to this and like mostly all of you, trying to achieve your goal and maybe had fail for hundreds of times like me :P. I hope by joining this forum I can learn lots of tips from you all :)

Okay so this is briefly about me!! My name is Mimi. I'm Vietnamese. I know, I know you probably thinking Vietnamese eat lots of Healthy food. Well yes they do and my family does. But the thing is, I'm a lot like food lover!! haha ;) I just couldn't resist Yummy lunches and beautiful dinners from my Mom Skill-full cooking. Me myself love cooking as well (especially desert).

I have been living in Australia for 2 Years now. You see, in Vietnam there isn't much of fast food and drinks like heaps of cream on top, or Fish and Chips. But they do drink iced coffee like crazy, which is extremely not good for you( Please forgive me, Don't get tempted!). So you can see, moving to Australia change me. New clothes with new numbers size( larger). So life in Australia is different compare to the time when I used to live in Vietnam. Gloria Jeans cold drinks was my favourite I had them for the first few months. And let em tell you, I love and hate them at the same time. They are yummy but they put me up the hell a lot of kilos. I had no idea I was gaining weight at that time, probably because most of the people in Australia is all big compare to me, an Asian with average height.

And so by moving to Australia I had gain for 5 kilos and I'm trying to get back to my beginning weight. Hopefully you all can help me and I will also sharing what I know and maybe they could be able to help we achieve our goals together!!

Think green, Think Veggies
Mimi ♥ ♥ ♥
P/s: Follow my "30 days challenge" :)
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hope it works

Posted November 28th, 2010 at 12:10 PM by
lotsof my friends r depending on this new diet that i told them about so i hope it works :rolleyes:
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Day 2

Posted November 2nd, 2010 at 10:23 PM by becha2
I measured myself yesterday so I can see the effects of this diet. ^^;;
around hip --> 34 in.
around fattest pt of my tummy --> 37 in. D=
around waist --> 31 in.
goal: tummy --> 34 in. and waist --> 29 in.
I think my hips are ok.. xP

Ate 2 bananas, 1 mandarin, and cup of water at 6:30 AM.
Guess what? I forgot there was no leadership today, so i woke up half an hour early for nothing... >_____>;;

Got out of bio at 12:30, ate my chicken salad sandwich kinda quickly so I could go to the Dia de los Muertos event (although that was yesterday). > >;;
But I was only there for like.. 20 min? and then rushed back to class for bio lab.

I felt REALLY productive today for some reason. :D

Then at like.. 5 pm (I'm still at school.. >__>)
I ate a bag of cookies. --> 280 calories.. :(

Got home at like 7... ate a bowl of dwenjang gook. similar to miso soup.

I'm like.. really fatigued for some reason. So I don't know if I can wait until 11 to go sleep. =\
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Day 0

Posted November 1st, 2010 at 05:57 PM by becha2
So I came across this site at night time so I'm going to start it next morning.
My current weight : 130 lb.
My goal? : i want to be 110... but for now I"m aiming for 115. ^^;;

Let's see how long I can stick with this diet. :D
My friend doesn't believe that I'll be losing weight, but I'm being optimistic and trying it. Why not? kkkkkk xP

I felt really sluggish just a while ago, so I ran a mile. Sadly, a mile is a lot of exercise since I don't have PE or play sports. ㅠ ㅠ..
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My 1st day on BMD :)

Posted October 9th, 2010 at 06:24 AM by
hmmm its my very 1st day actually and i wish it will work for me ..
i used to be fit and kept watching my weight but 1.5 month ago my circumstances changed and ive been really stressed about things so what else can i do other than eating :) ..
anyways .. i ate a banana and drunk 2 cups of tea so far .. lets see whats gonna happen till night :) ..
laters me :D
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Millennium Development Goals from the Chinese localization

Posted September 21st, 2010 at 10:37 AM by
United Nations Millennium Development Goals in the high-level meeting on the 22nd forthcoming, the international community is looking into the new millennium, decades, countries in fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals "report card." A group of [B][URL=""]nike shox tl [/URL][/B]World Bank figures stand out:

In 2009, China's GDP has been highest in the world, but the rich as a measure of the extent and level of development of key indicators, China's per capita GDP is 3677 U.S. dollars, with Algeria the same level, less than half the world average, and wealthy small European country of Luxembourg compared to only one-thirtieth of its.

Three countries, an indicator, revealed China's current position in the world: total economy [B][URL=""]nike air force [/URL][/B]is great, the per capita standard of living is not high; development speedily, but the base is very weak. In short, China is also in the ranks of developed countries. This fact has been senior adviser International Monetary Fund, the Russian political commentator and many different countries and different backgrounds recognized experts.

Millennium Development Goals related to the world can achieve lasting peace and common prosperity prospects. Ten years ago, world leaders committed to an 8 for this specific goal: to eradicate [B][URL=""]Gucci handbags [/URL][/B]extreme poverty and hunger; universal primary education; reducing child mortality; to promote gender equality and empower women; to improve maternal health; and AIDS, malaria and other diseases; ensuring environmental sustainability; a global partnership for development.

Fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals, the world's North and South have different "target list." Developed countries, the main mission is the first 8 - "Develop a global partnership", that is to provide official development [B][URL=""]jordan air [/URL][/B]assistance and humanitarian aid, do not export products to developed countries duty-free or tax breaks, debt relief for developing countries, China in all eight targets on the need to work. Years later, China's 8 goals in 3 is completed ahead of, schedule expected to reach 4. This further highlights the current situation in China: rapid progress, it is still not out of the camp of the developing[B][URL=""] buy handbags [/URL][/B]countries.
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Foreign policy must be ethical checks and balances

Posted September 21st, 2010 at 10:32 AM by
Financial crisis, China to accelerate the center onto the world stage. In the "one superpower and several" world situation, China has become more prominent position. This change means the one hand, China won more new space strategy, but it also means that China's diplomacy will need to manage [B][URL=""]nike shox [/URL][/B]more complex situation.

The most prominent manifestation is between China and the traditional Western powers more and more likely to occur in the deeper level "close combat" situation. For example, in the first three decades of Sino-US diplomatic relations, bilateral relations, although there are ups and downs, but always twists and turns ahead. In that period, the Sino-US economic and trade fields booster concentrate, whether anti-dumping, Huanshi trade protection, in general, Zhe Yi dimension Bing Bushi Te Bie Nanyijiejue's, through dialogue, consultation and running, most, both Parties eventually be able to compromise and find some concessions space, contribute to solve the problem.

But this year's "Google Event" Sino-US friction between the "upgrade" of the more obvious signs. In "Google incident," China believes that the incident is related to the core interests of national security, not compromise. The U.S. side is also true essence of the "free" and "human rights" banner, which is American society that must adhere to core values. So, like "Google case" that the collision may be more difficult to avoid in the future, and will be more intense.

Overall, the United States is now in a state of relative decline [B][URL=""]coach handbags [/URL][/B]in power in Iraq and Afghanistan led the U.S. to bear on the huge deficit, while whole world saw the rise of China. This is the pattern in the Asia-Pacific the most prominent former U.S. national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski famous strategists said, the United States, the biggest challenges to achieve the transfer of power in East Asia. But the United States do not have to find a way to make the United States assured the transfer of the so-called stick approach.

"Pass the torch" very painful, but "taking over" and also must have sufficient skills, a big country like China, will not receive is impossible, but with the pick and who, how then are the challenges. In this case, leading the side to find out a wide new world of China's foreign flags than it ever more important and urgent.

In fact, the "harmonious world" concept is such a flag. President Hu Jintao in 2005, according to United Nations General Assembly on the "harmonious world" concept of set, we generally can be refined by the following keywords: multilateralism, multilateral trade, cultural inclusiveness, strengthen the role of the UN and so on. We found that these key words only and have [B][URL=""]jordan shoes [/URL][/B]universal significance of the many existing values exist in common, and many specific ideas to some extent also in line with human development and diversity of common characteristics.

But, "Harmonious World" after all, a large number of absorbing the traditional Chinese Confucian thinking of new ideas. How can the international community more understanding and recognition, they must use the language to do more international more detailed explanation.
To practical problems are often the most intuitive answer. The international community now more and more attention to China, concerned about China sounds very much concerned about China's development is what will give them a significant impact. For China's development, the international community welcomed, there is fear, but also to take preventive strategy ... ... Therefore, the "Harmonious World" talk about the internationalization of the first clear, China's development and participation in international affairs, was not intended to subvert Xianyou the international system, but to the international system by adjusting the unreasonable, the ultimate realization of the harmony between, which is beneficial [B][URL=""]nike shox r4 [/URL][/B]to the whole international community, the long-term interests.

Second, as a new idea, should try to upgrade it from a political claim to a moral belief in checks and balances high. Can cause resonance of the foreign policy and strategy, followed by both a moral support, it can not be separated. Only with a strong humane care of ideology in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of faith around the world, from their hearts to produce a resonance. This, we pay more attention than the West. Many Western political ideas actually have a religion or belief supported.

In addition, China, as a "harmonious world" concept initiator, is critical in dealing with specific international affairs, they must reflect the long-term policy to uphold the initiative create a "harmonious world" atmosphere. Some people say that to build a "harmonious world" should be able to exercise patience, and said another way, China is now powerful, you can take our ideas on others. This is actually two false extremes, reflecting the thinking is a kind of passive. From the active point of view, diplomatic, if we can invest more in advance, and there could [B][URL=""]wholesale handbags [/URL][/B]the initiative to put a lot of negative things in my resolve out, take the initiative to resolve the settlement of international hotspot issues, a number of regional multilateral initiative to build international cooperation mechanisms , especially in Asia, building such a mechanism, thus creating a favorable international environment for China's peaceful development.

Currently, in the turmoil in the international environment is very complex. At the new height of China's diplomacy has also been the subject of more research needed. Luckily, the Central earlier proposed a "harmonious world" concept, is extremely specific and guidance for China's diplomacy to a new level as soon as possible to provide an important support.
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A Brand New Start

Posted September 5th, 2010 at 02:51 PM by
I have been fluctuating in my weight since I started college. :( Initially, I lost 5 pounds because I missed homecooking...then gained 5 when I moved to my own apartment... and lost 5 for my trip. As of now, I have gained 10 pounds since the trip, mostly because I have neglected my eating portions, was not motivated enough to exercise, and didn't have time because I was bombarded with work/tests/more work.

But now, I finally decided to make time to start the banana diet!

I'm not looking for a easy way out by trying out "new fad." I need structure that I can stick with for a long time. Hopefully, I can start eating healthier, with more consciousness.

My other goal is to drink more water. I usually don't drink sodas except with pizza. I just don't drink water as often as I should.

My goal is to fit into my old jeans and just feel better about how I look overall, inside and out.

I will officially start tomorrow morning once I go grocery shopping later tonight!!!!

Best of luck to me and all my fellow dieters!
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