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How to Become a Top Trader Interview with Brett N. Steenbarger-Part 2

Posted May 10th, 2011 at 08:50 PM by runsan123
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Copyright (c) 2007 Alvaro Fernandez

We covered much ground on Part 1 of our interview with Brett N. Steenbarger. This is Part 2, and last. Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D., is an active trader for over 30 years and author of The Psychology of Trading: Tools and Techniques for Minding the Markets and the new Enhancing Trader Performance: Proven Strategies From the Cutting Edge of Trading Psychology.<a href="">kobe bryant shoes</a>

We ended Part 1 of the interview with this quote by Dr. Steenbarger on the Role of mentors and coaches: In many performance fields, such as music and tennis, coaches help students break down their performance into component skills and then systematically work on these and combine them. The mentor is someone who can structure the learning process for the developing performer and help them move along the path from being a novice to being competent to being expert.
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Alvaro: interesting analogy. Who would be a good "trader coach" and where does one find one?

Brett: It makes sense to find someone with experience directly relevant to what you will be doing. The book contains an appendix with different resources that can help you find educational and mentoring resources. For emotional development, you can coach yourself with practical cognitive and behavioral techniques and build new, positive ways of thinking and behaving. The last two chapters of the book provides readers with self-help manuals for utilizing these techniques.

Alvaro: let's talk about some of the key components of top performance in trading, and what skills traders can develop.

Brett: First, we must differentiate whether we are talking about short-term or long-term traders. For short-term traders, the priority would be the ability to process large amounts of information and quickly see patterns that lead to effective decision-making. They need speed, and good working memory. For long-term traders, analytical skills are paramount.

For both, I would add, knowing how to deal with "the emotional factor" is very important. Many traders get very frustrated when bets don't go the way they expected, and become paralyzed or make non-logical decisions. Becoming tired may lead to losing concentration and making impulsive decisions. But I would stress that there is more to trading success than controlling emotions. It takes talent, skill, and a constant learning process. I would also emphasize that, yes, we can train and get better at many things, but it is equally important to ensure an optimal fit between our trading talents and interests: the markets we trade and the ways we trade them. There has to be a fit between what we're good at and the opportunities afforded by a particular market and trading style.

Programs: now and in the future

Alvaro: let's now talk about the tools you mentioned earlier. What training programs are available now and which ones can you foresee will be available in the future?

Brett: First, I find that Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg's metaphor of a gymnasium for the brain is very appealing. We will be seeing more and more tools for cognitive and brain fitness. Dr. Goldberg cites considerable research that indicates we can improve the functioning of our frontal cortex - home of our executive functions such as our reasoning, planning, judgment, analysis, and problem-solving -, through structured exercises, much as we can build our muscles in the gym.

Today, traders have very realistic simulation programs that can help them identify market patterns and improve decision-making. True, as Professor Gopher said in your interview with him, what matters is the cognitive fidelity of those simulations, and how they will help traders see new, non-historical, patterns. But, at the very least, existing simulation packages help traders learn very quickly how to identify a wealth of recurring patterns in markets.

Finally, I work with many traders on their emotional reactions-especially new traders. Behavioral techniques can be very helpful to develop calmer, open-mind, attitudes. You saw my article that stressed the need to keep an open mind"Gorillas in the market"; we need to be aware of and manage the narrowing of our attention that usually follows hyperfocus. For the many people out there who become angry and frustrated after trading losses, I recommend exercises such as deep breathing and visual imagery, which, after a period of practice, can be applied very quickly to our work when we need it. Biofeedback programs that provide real-time visual feedback on the trader's "internal performance" can be great training aids, revealing whether you are in the Zone of optimal learning and performance or becoming stressed, anxious and impulsive"internal performance", revealing whether they are in the Zone of optimal learning and performance or becoming stressed, anxious and impulsive.

It is important to understand the role of emotions: they are not "bad". They are very useful signals. It is important to become aware of them to avoid being engulfed by them, and learn how to manage them.

Alvaro: Prof. Steenbarger, many thanks for your very illuminating comments, both on trading and on improving performance overall. Any parting thoughts for our readers?

Brett: let me go back to the key findings of my new book. One, people who aspire to be top performers in any field must build on what comes naturally to them, in order to be truly motivated and absorbed in constant learning. Two, they will need to structure programs to develop their skills and work these programs diligently. Because elite performers do what comes naturally, they become absorbed in the development of their skills. If you have to motivate yourself to work at something, it's probably not your calling.

Alvaro: Brett, many thanks.

Brett: a pleasure.


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Cheap nike air Jordan 1 high strap

Posted May 10th, 2011 at 08:18 PM by runsan123
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Best Shoes for Zumba

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 07:35 PM by runsan123
Zumba's popularity has no bounds, this dance fitness program is practiced in more than 110 countries with more than 10 million students. People who [url=]ghd sale[/url]
want to reduce weight, get a toned body and also increase their strength should try Zumba dance. When you talk about getting the best shoes for Zumba, you talk about athletic footwear which will keep your feet comfortable and also keep your legs safe from injuries.

Best Shoes for Zumba Dance

Zumba is a fun dance routine, which exercises every muscle in your body. It's not boring like the average gym workouts which remain constant forever. There are various dance steps which makes Zumba fun to learn. The main motto of Zumba is "Get Fit, Have Fun". The fitness program is not hard for anyone to learn, from a 12 year old kid to a 70 year old man anyone can start following Zumba dance steps and get addicted to it. Zumba is a perfect combination of music, exercise and fun. The best part about this dance is you don't even feel like you are exercising. It's like being on a beach party, you just have to follow what others are doing.

A standard workout session lasts for 60 minutes and people practice a mixture of various dance steps which are inspired from various dance forms. Whoever practices it gets addicted because it's so much fun. For having the maximum amount of advantage and fun, your standard workout or dance shoe won't be enough. You need shoes which have a higher rate of shock absorption and are also light in weight so that performing various dance moves becomes more easy. Sports apparel companies like Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Ryka have come up with some great dance aerobic shoes for Zumba fitness. Dance instructors advise people to add a well cushioned insert in the shoe to increase comfort level. Replacing the original insert with inserts specially designed for dance and aerobics increases the shoe life. You might have to buy a new pair of shoes after every 6 months, this usually depends on how much time you practice wearing these shoes. When you feel uneasiness and pain while dancing then it's time to get a new pair of Zumba shoes.

Best Brands of Zumba Shoes

Zumba shoes for women and men are available online and you can [url=]ghd iv styler[/url]
order them based on individual requirements. Here are some of the most famous Zumba shoe brands in the market.
Nike Musique IV Footwear
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You can also take opinions from your Zumba dance instructor regarding the best shoes for Zumba for your feet.[url=]tory burch sale[/url] The basic things you need to remember when you buy Zumba shoes is that they should have a high shock absorption capacity which should save your legs from blisters and toe injuries. Make sure you wear shoes which are lightweight as the moves you need to practice will make you move to all four directions. Purchase a good set of dancing shoes which provide you the required comfort and ability to move your feet at a faster rate. To make sure the shoes fit you perfectly, go to a shoe store and try on the Zumba shoe. Try walking with it and then perform some simple Zumba moves in them. There's no need to feel awkward, this is the best way to make sure that the shoes fit you and will keep your feet protected and comfortable.
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Using Psychology to Increase Your Sales

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 07:33 PM by runsan123
Selling a product, or selling more of it, requires a salesperson to use the various strategies of persuasion to influence a buyer. The use of such strategies maximizes the profit that a salesperson brings in.

The various techniques of persuasion are founded in human psychology. By appealing to certain desires of the human mind, a salesperson can use the buyer's own emotions to an advantage.[url=]cartier watches[/url]

One technique that is used generally is called the foot-in-the door technique. The name implies that if you can get your foot in the metaphorical door, you will be able to open that door to your larger requests.

Children will ask if they can watch a few more minutes of television before they go to bed. This request, if granted, will be followed by one for a few more minutes past the first ones.

The idea is that a person who will accept a small request will accept incrementally larger ones. A salesperson may ask a potential client to meet with him.

When the request for a meeting is granted, the salesperson knows that the potential client may be receptive to a sales pitch during the meeting. A very fundamental basic offer will be made initially.

Similarly, a salesperson may offer to sign a customer up for a free email newsletter from the company. This service, since it is free, will not seem like too large of a request to the customer.

The email newsletter, though, will probably contain offers from the company. The chance of the customer accepting these offers is increased because they agreed to the initial sign up for the newsletter.

Another technique is called low balling. This persuasive technique entails offering a low price initially, but then increasing the price of the product when the sale is to be completed.

There are certain steps to this process that must be followed in order to ensure that it actually brings the results the salesperson wants. The first step that must be taken is to offer a low price that will attract the buyer's attention.

The price should be low enough that the salesman is fairly confident that the potential customer is going to buy. To be absolutely certain the client is going to buy, try to get a written or verbal agreement [url=]tag heuer watches[/url]

During this phase of the process, it is vital to remind the potential buyer that he is making the purchase willingly. When the time is right, the salesman can increase the cost slightly.

Because the potential buyer has already begun to imagine the benefits of having the product, and he has thought that the deal offered was a good one, he will find it difficult to back out, regardless of the increase in price. If the salesperson takes the time to point out the benefits that can be had from the product, the client will usually find it easier to accept the higher price.

One final technique is called the door-in-the-face technique. This calls to the idea that as human beings we do not like to refuse the requests of others.

In general, if someone comes to you with a request, you try to oblige. However, a request that is too large or serious may cause you to refuse, despite your desire to help.

Thus, a practiced salesperson will ask for a potential client to buy a large quantity of product or to buy for a higher price. Usually, the customer will refuse, but will still want to oblige in some way.[url=]swiss army watches[/url]

A good salesperson will take advantage of this desire to respond to a request. By decreasing the imposition of the request, the salesman will use a person's guilt over not having helped to his benefit.

Mastering these techniques can help you to persuade people to do the things you want them to do. Each method has applications in all aspects of life.

These techniques can be especially beneficial, however, in the world of business where companies live or die based on their profits. Ask your salespeople to learn and master these techniques, and watch your profits grow!
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Used Cheap Cars for Sale

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 07:31 PM by runsan123
By and large, when young people have finished their education, they start hunting for an employer. At the time they get an occupation, they could do with a manner of transportation. Because most people don't like public transport, they will [url=]cartier watches[/url]
begin thinking of purchasing a vehicle. But without having any riches in the bank account, there is typically not an incredibly whopping budget available for buying a car. In this case, it's a fine idea to start looking around for a cheap old, used car. Used autos will frequently cost less money than a new one. If only you know what to look for, you'll be able to acquire a good car.

Just because a vehicle has been in use for a long time does not automatically mean the state of it is dreadful. If a car has been taken care off, it is likely to go on for the foreseeable time. The method is that you'll have to be trained to pick which auto is high-quality and which vehicle is low quality. This is especially true if you are going to be purchasing a vehicle directly from an automobile owner. In the case where you make up your mind to pay a visit to a old auto dealership, the probability of you buying a not so well maintained automobile are now a large amount lower. Part of the car dealer's job is to make certain he sells used cars that his visitors are happy with. When looking around for cheap old autos for sale, there are a lot of choices available to you.

When you decide you are going to buy a used car directly from a vehicle owner, then it is especially essential that you learn what things to watch out for. I suggest that you make a test drive in the vehicle and that you get a feel of its average performance. When you start the car, does it fire up without difficulty? How about the wheel, the stick shift and the braking mechanism? Do they give a good deal of struggle when you are operating them? If the answer is yes, then you might want to think of looking for a car[url=]tag heuer watches[/url]
elsewhere. How of the speeding up? A regularly repaired old auto should still be able to get going pretty rapidly.

If anything about the car feels like it's far from right, then there's a good chance you are going to have it brought to the garage in a little while. This [url=]swiss army watches[/url]means you should demand a better price. An auto owner will frequently ask a price that is more than what he actually expects to receive for it. So trading for a better price is almost always an excellent plan, also when the car is a good one.
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Sunday, may 1

Posted May 1st, 2011 at 10:25 AM by jocelyncabatingan
a offimate of mine called up and said that eating banana is good for persons who wants to loose their weight, well i never knew that until she told me..
hehehehehe it seem i still have a hope to win in a contest which my boss initiated...
Wish me luck guys..
I wil seriously start my diet tommorow, Monday, May2...
anyway, my weight today is 78kg:)
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trendy looking replica mlb jerseys

Posted April 28th, 2011 at 01:34 AM by liyangyang1
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The exact dates of these games have not been released by the NFL

Posted April 28th, 2011 at 01:32 AM by liyangyang1
in March coupled with the player’s hope for an injunction that would put them back to work anyway.)
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The second is the bad kind of jackass. It's the guy on his cell phone who switches lanes without signaling or the guy who yells just for attention or the guy who makes you think, "What a jackass." This list has both kinds. Will your team have a lovable jackass or a despicable jackass?I thought Luck was a lock to declare for the 2011cheap reebok nfl jerseysDraft, and it’s funny–we already know who is going to be the top pick in 2012 but not the top pick in 2011, only two weeks prior to the draft.
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The exact dates of these games have not been released by the NFL. The Cardinals are looking to rebound from a disappointing 5-11 season in 2011.
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precisely the suitable NFL jersey for you

Posted April 28th, 2011 at 01:31 AM by liyangyang1
tastic choice if you would like an reliable jersey but just can't afford it.
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Rushing To Purchase Perfect Shoes-The Zoom Kobe 1

Posted April 17th, 2011 at 10:00 PM by runsan123
He has become an alarming player in the NBA as his show of active of type of game both on

the abusive and protecting facts in the ball park. The Zoom Kobe 1 shoes are so durable and

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It is obvious that kobe Bryant is named for Black Mamba. He is an excellent player with good

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opponent on the court

Thus, Nike brough out the Zoom Kobe 1, which is very light and speedy and gives Kobe afast

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The Zoom Kobe 1 would draw attention to others though think about that it would be suitable

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The shoes which combine distinctive colors are greatly elicited by an electric-metallic

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The midsoles also make use of white color, and decorated with fresh red-orange highlights.

The ties are the dark plum color, also ornament with bright red-orange speckles. It can be

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