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Hello everyone, new banana... ^___^

Posted February 19th, 2010 at 01:29 PM by colsaka
hello everyone, I am colsaka.

In July 2009, I weighed at a peak of 138.6 pounds and ever since I have been trying to lose the weight. I tried excersising and eating healthy but soon that went down hill for me. So i decided to follow the apple diet and that left me in a temperory depression phase which was practically destroying me slowly...then came the starving and the vomiting...

In October I have changed my lifestyle and began to follow the "6x200calorie" diet and it worked for me, i must say it is not the most practical diet for someone who has obligations to eat with others but since I go to school it was somewhat easy for me to follow. I managed to go down to 121 pound.

However, I have begun to binge eat again; I follow the diet accordingly until about 7 pm and then I would instantly start snacking here and there...since i work at home on the computer until around 2pm everyday I end up feeling tired, sick and guilty every night.

I know that the "6x200calorie diet" works well for me but I have to teach myself both discipline and flexibility. I hope to do that through the morning banana diet.

p.s I also followed extreme calorie shifting for a while; it is not long lasting so I would not reccommend it(I'm only talking about hte extreme version, I have not tried long-term calorie shifting)

If any one is wondering, I am not bulimic. It was only a short term phase.

please comment, why did you follow the morning banana diet? Is it your last resort or have you tried others?

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