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Day 3

Posted November 20th, 2008 at 04:19 AM by Sarina
[I][COLOR=#ff00ff][SIZE=3]mood: concerned... I've never eaten so many bananas :eek:[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]
[I][COLOR=#ff00ff][SIZE=3]music: Change, Tracy Chapman[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]

[SIZE=3][COLOR=red]weight: looks like I've already lost something. Will update it after a couple of days :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=darkgreen]7:30 am 2 bananas and a glass of water[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkgreen]13:00 green salad, and a big plate of melanzane alla parmigiana (eggplants parmesan)! ;) made by my friend...[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#006400]... and I don't know why I've eaten also pop corns :confused:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#006400]14:00 a coffee and soy milk ... and 6 biscuits :o[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#006400]18:00 some jujube fruits [/COLOR]


[/COLOR][COLOR=#006400][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff]45 minutes of SPINNING[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=#006400][I][SIZE=3][COLOR=#800080]I think I will substitute bananas with another fruit one of these days... I don't want to get tired of bananas... and I am afraid I will if I eat them every day!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]


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