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Blue buttons red dress

Posted July 25th, 2010 at 09:20 PM by
I treasure a button, sky blue, round. Sometimes sitting in a gucci bags small window, the blue button on the palm, under the moon Kiyoteru look, soft and touching glowing blue buttons shiny, just like a crystal blue dream.
Dream Village, a juvenile period of gucci the story has been gone for many years.
That year I was admitted to the town's middle school, to see many new faces. I was fond of the painting, one by one will be written with a broken face painting them to my rough drawing paper. Now it seems, is to paint a lv bag grotesque nature, filth, that time it was won many of the students cheered. Since then I have a little know how to highlight the features, which often have some "spirit of the document." Such as the nose painted tall as the chimney, the students know is a high nose Tang Guangning, will paint a wide mouth, such as basin, no lv bags doubt a big mouth Sun Xiaoquan. I almost every day to complete a "masterpiece", while all the time to buy lunch, stick with saliva behind the walls of replica watch the classroom, we returned to the classroom will have a good joke. If the painting is his own, then naturally yellow face and laughter in someone else's tune tear to tear to pieces. A few girls a few days so that I can Ziyaliezui Within the wide. Fortunately no one was reported to the replica watches class teacher where to go, because I was always the first test scores, class teachers very good relationship with me, secretly told me to call him brother, though he has 50 some of the.
Not long afterwards, the class is almost more than 60 paintings have been in my bright phase, and finally they left Baizi Hui. Baizi Hui is a Louis Vuitton quiet girl, always wearing a light blue Floral old shirt, cuffs have two patches.
She was a girl embarrassed me. Goes on the little face is white Peugeot was great, I looked back to capture "feature" of the time, often journeying to see spent. I spent a whole morning to draw her picture, but I really do not catch the slightest very funny place. Finally, I dyed with red ink in her mouth, lips red ink leaking outside, "she said," Attempt to gucci 2010 do me drink it like blood, ferocious and terrifying.
Lunch, when everyone is of course another busy laughing, big shot of my ass. Bai Zihui then sat quietly, reading the Song.
If others will portraits must rip off, but Bai Zihui no. Bell rang, the teacher's footsteps near, Bai lp
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I heart that man

Posted July 25th, 2010 at 09:19 PM by
Question in mind: Even if happiness gucci 2010 in you I just hope to see these words between the vividly beautiful, I believe many people like me, in front of a modest increase would present a warm, happy scene, and perhaps lv bags some have ever witnessed Some are looking forward to but less than, but who can touch the moment you and I, should be deeply remembered.
A bit shy, but in the streets were loud that I love you.
I went to the temple to Louis Vuitton seek the same sign, caught my hand gently with his knees.
Never late - he was not angry I'm late.
Anxious to see my new paintings and words, smile, say good love!
Sleep than I am Later on, wake up early. I remember shaving before going to bed.
I have to wake up Qinghu dim name - no call wrong.
I remember I had replica watches to shoe, password, fear most.
I am afraid of bugs, see bugs screaming that he would not laugh at me.
Uncomfortable, he took me to see a doctor leave, come back on the road to buy ice cream made awards.
Not drink driving, seat belt replica watch reminder and I.
Help me to do housework, every day, learning by doing chatting.
Often to help others - not Why.
Promise me: never. Then lv bags never.
Side of the whistle while the toilet repair.
Said: I hope you are my daughter!
Boiled yellow can for him.
Rainy walk back I had lv bag water, said: some of you can then ah fat.
Quarrel will not walk away. I've done every kind of food he liked, asked it tomorrow.
Children like him, often in the mud back downstairs to play a pants.
Gently unscrew the gucci screw I do not open the soda bottle.lp
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Friends, is a special kind of warmth

Posted July 25th, 2010 at 09:18 PM by
Always feel that Designer Handbags there are friends, with friends, love, love with a friend, which is very tender pieces of things, sometimes, studying in the lamp will go God, think of a another friend, think of many common experience of things, remember gucci outlet the words once said, surrounded by the kind of soft you immediately. In such a night, let you enchant, make you happy, so happy you had a feeling perhaps, friends, so this should not be important, however, friends and indeed so Chane important. Because: we have in life, perhaps, we can not touch without victory, there is no other thing, but can not not be friends.
Friends, what is it?
Can walk in Chanel bag the rain with Dazhao San; is riding a car on the road with speeding; is hovering in the shops, street; friend is sad cry together, laugh together with joy, there are games to play together, listen together with Song of the Month ... ...
Friend is often thought, is to care for my heart, the concern in the eyes Sheng; friends come accompanied by a links of london further period of life and share the evening one by one; is also available through thick and thin through thick and thin, remember when a friend is added to the joy of Recalling a timely manner more gentle.
Friends such as wine, Sauvignon obviousness drunk; friends such as floral, elegant fragrance and; friends autumn rain, detail-oriented and full of links of london bracelet poetry; friends in December of plum, pure and then outgrew.
Friend is not painting, can it even more magnificent gesture; friend is not songs, songs can be more pleasant than; friend is poetry - a poetry elegant; friend should be a dream - a dream of beauty; friend should tiffany jewelry be that meaningful prose, wrote yesterday looking forward to the future.
Friends, is a different kind of tenderness.
Friends of the United States to Japan is not a long side; friends the most is really the eternal moment, the moment of knowing each other.
Friends of the valuable not omega because Question in mind: Even if happiness in yolooking forward to but less than, but who can touch the moment you and I, should be deeply remembered. Lp
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bai Yoshitaka first

Posted July 25th, 2010 at 09:16 PM by
Treat each of their elders: father, Chanel mother, father, mother, father, mother! Friends, reported that filial earth the most difficult, may we all: to nurture the heart of Feng Jing parents with gratitude filial piety
Wife said: "You cook a little too short not Coco Chanel taste salty boiling point now you are saying that swallow it down, what would happen to you?"
Mother see her son back, apart from anything else Bianba Tsui in to send food. She Nudeng at him. He tried one and immediately spat out, his son said: "I am not talked, Mom is sick can not eat too salty!"
"That's good! Mother is your future for Chanel handbags you to cook!" Wife snapped back room.
Soon as his son but to sigh, then said to his mother: "Mom, do not eat, I went to cook some noodles for you."
"Tsai, you would like to tell mom is not there, is said well, do not simmer in mind!"
"Mom, the company next Chanel bags month I level rise, I'll be busy, as his wife, she said wanted to work, so ... ..."
The mother realized her son: "So in Aberdeen, do not send Mom to homes." Voices seemed to cry.
The son of silent a gucci bags moment, he is looking for a better reason.
"Mother, in fact, no good homes, you know, a wife, but the work must not have time to properly serve you. Homes for food and shelter was serving looked after, not much "But, Uncle Ah gucci Choi him ... ..."
Bathed, ate a bowl of instant noodles gucci handbags hastily, the son has to study to. He stood in the window blankly, some hesitation. Light widowed mother, endured sufferings he brought up, for he be satisfied. But she not a young man from the sacrifice as a bargaining chip to blackmail his filial Replica Handbags piety, but his wife and marriage to hold him!lp
Second year of a winter night, I finished dinner, went to the post office not far from the school to call him, the way in to the post office and nervous, I like to crush on him more than two years, and tonight I'm going to him asserts, but before that, I wrote to rolex watch him that my feelings. But more than a week later, I have not received a reply from him, nor his phone. I so do not go, because I can not continue to put up with his ambiguous attitude towards this.lp
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Starting tomorrrow

Posted July 8th, 2010 at 03:23 AM by
I'll be starting the Morning Banana diet tomorrow and I really hope it works. I need to lose about 25lbs, and I will be back to where I used to be. Wish me luck! :)
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Wants some fat off my tummy

Posted June 28th, 2010 at 10:05 PM by joeyat32
Updated June 28th, 2010 at 10:11 PM by joeyat32
[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Georgia"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][COLOR="Magenta"]I am really not over weight so to say but since I started working for my new company I started getting fats around my tummy. If you look at me as if I am 2-3 months pregnant and its really not nice to see because I am so skinny and yet I got a big tummy.

Read today this morning banana diet, I really don't diet because I've been so skinny ever since but since I work 8 hrs a day sitting in front of computers maybe that's when I develop this big tummy. Five years ago it was not a problem with me now it is bothering be. So with the help of this site I hope I can lose it.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tomorrow Will Be My First Day

Posted June 23rd, 2010 at 06:24 AM by
Just signed up on the forum. Since I'm already doing 1200 calories a day, I thought this would be perfect plan to try. I've been wanting to lose weight for so long. I know it said it's not appropriate for people who has over 100 lbs to lose but at this moment, I don't care cuz I'm willing to do anything to help me lose the weight. I've already done the calculation and it'll work along with my exercises. I might as well try it. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow! *smiles*

P.S. In case you're wondering why the name formerfatmama, it's to help me cuz I wanna be a Former Fat Mama.
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Missed Out the First Morning

Posted June 19th, 2010 at 11:27 PM by zee07
I'm supposed to start the Morning Banana Diet this morning but I over slept due to spending time reading about this particular diet. Only registered to the Forum early this morning at 1.46am.

Anyway, I woke up at 11am and did my laundry and totally forgotten about the Banana until about 3 o'clock. So I skipped the banana and go straight to have my lunch at 4pm. I guess if I'm hungry later, I will just have the banana and start a new tomorrow.

Okie dokie, signing off now.

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Starting Point

Posted June 19th, 2010 at 08:50 AM by zee07
Alright, today at the early wee hours (1:46AM), I have registered myself to the Banana Diet Forum and hoping that later I will start my Morning Banana diet program.

Let's see how it goes!

All the best to me :)
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Day 7

Posted June 12th, 2010 at 05:40 PM by dopeofme
Woke up at : l didn't sleep last night so let's just say l ate my 1/2 banana and cup of water at 8 am.

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