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Oral health is the overall well-being of teeth

Posted July 22nd, 2014 at 10:11 PM by shanellbush
Dental therapy and treatment is one of the vital disciplines among the medical practices. The dental studies deals with development and anatomy of teeth and is currently witnessing progress of oral and maxillofacial surgery and other similar techniques. The dental surgery is facilitated by modern techniques like laser dentistry and digital radiographs. The process of air-abrasion allows removal of the exact affected tooth without the help of drilling. As brush cannot reach deeper chewing surfaces, most of the cavities happen in holes and furrows. In such cases, teeth are demineralised and saliva is not capable to mend it.

Several forms of treatment like dental implants are applied for the quick firming of replacements for the missing teeth. The implants can be instrumental in fixing crowns, bridges, or dentures. The first experiment was conducted using rabbits in the 1950s by embedding titanium chamber into their ears, while the patent filing of the more polished technique was done in 1960s. The technique then proliferated quickly over the following decades and was adopted to treat dental and oral abnormalities, as the basic dentistry had been evolving into the advanced methodologies.

Oral health is the overall well-being of teeth including the mouth cavity and jaws. This is essential for the smooth chewing and biting of food for ultimate proper digestion. The diseases related to oral health stem from poor hygiene of the mouth, which result in gingivitis and bad breath. Keeping updated with the current concepts in oral health requires frequent interaction of research fellows with the university graduates and emerging dental experts. In most of the cases, local anaesthesia is administered before a root canal treatment is executed.

Therapy and treatment involves preventive as well as corrective measures. Many of the dental disorders can be treated through preventive care like the use of fluoride varnish is considered to be effective by certain dental experts, while several others are sceptical. Patients who are already at reduced risk for dental anomalies are not the right criteria to judge the effects of preventive measures of dental care. Patients can work closely with cosmetic dentists who can provide a digital photography of the new look following a complex dental procedure.

The dental caries can be addressed through frequent visits to the dentist, use of fluoride products and microbial agents, and overall dietary habits in particular. Proper counselling and use of chemotherapeutic agents in some cases is also helpful, though it is not primarily preventive, and form part of the tools and techniques in dentistry. Several cysts that are formed from tissues involved in jaw development are referred to as odontogenic cysts, which are of several forms and severity. Simple cysts can be fixed by endodontic treatment.
International dental health practice might involve several regulatory and ethical issues in dentistry. Fluoridation of water is suspected of causing dental fluorosis, considered to be more of cosmetic in nature and affect children's teeth during their formation. Bonding and veneers for restoring the teeth involve resins which are tailored to produce tooth colour and function.
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