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Using Psychology to Increase Your Sales

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 06:33 PM by runsan123
Selling a product, or selling more of it, requires a salesperson to use the various strategies of persuasion to influence a buyer. The use of such strategies maximizes the profit that a salesperson brings in.

The various techniques of persuasion are founded in human psychology. By appealing to certain desires of the human mind, a salesperson can use the buyer's own emotions to an advantage.[url=]cartier watches[/url]

One technique that is used generally is called the foot-in-the door technique. The name implies that if you can get your foot in the metaphorical door, you will be able to open that door to your larger requests.

Children will ask if they can watch a few more minutes of television before they go to bed. This request, if granted, will be followed by one for a few more minutes past the first ones.

The idea is that a person who will accept a small request will accept incrementally larger ones. A salesperson may ask a potential client to meet with him.

When the request for a meeting is granted, the salesperson knows that the potential client may be receptive to a sales pitch during the meeting. A very fundamental basic offer will be made initially.

Similarly, a salesperson may offer to sign a customer up for a free email newsletter from the company. This service, since it is free, will not seem like too large of a request to the customer.

The email newsletter, though, will probably contain offers from the company. The chance of the customer accepting these offers is increased because they agreed to the initial sign up for the newsletter.

Another technique is called low balling. This persuasive technique entails offering a low price initially, but then increasing the price of the product when the sale is to be completed.

There are certain steps to this process that must be followed in order to ensure that it actually brings the results the salesperson wants. The first step that must be taken is to offer a low price that will attract the buyer's attention.

The price should be low enough that the salesman is fairly confident that the potential customer is going to buy. To be absolutely certain the client is going to buy, try to get a written or verbal agreement [url=]tag heuer watches[/url]

During this phase of the process, it is vital to remind the potential buyer that he is making the purchase willingly. When the time is right, the salesman can increase the cost slightly.

Because the potential buyer has already begun to imagine the benefits of having the product, and he has thought that the deal offered was a good one, he will find it difficult to back out, regardless of the increase in price. If the salesperson takes the time to point out the benefits that can be had from the product, the client will usually find it easier to accept the higher price.

One final technique is called the door-in-the-face technique. This calls to the idea that as human beings we do not like to refuse the requests of others.

In general, if someone comes to you with a request, you try to oblige. However, a request that is too large or serious may cause you to refuse, despite your desire to help.

Thus, a practiced salesperson will ask for a potential client to buy a large quantity of product or to buy for a higher price. Usually, the customer will refuse, but will still want to oblige in some way.[url=]swiss army watches[/url]

A good salesperson will take advantage of this desire to respond to a request. By decreasing the imposition of the request, the salesman will use a person's guilt over not having helped to his benefit.

Mastering these techniques can help you to persuade people to do the things you want them to do. Each method has applications in all aspects of life.

These techniques can be especially beneficial, however, in the world of business where companies live or die based on their profits. Ask your salespeople to learn and master these techniques, and watch your profits grow!
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