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Starting weight 155lbs, goal weight 115lbs.:rolleyes:
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Here we go!

Posted January 10th, 2009 at 04:31 PM by AngieBabyWeight
Its official, the Banana's have arrived! I live a 40 minute drive to the nearest grocery store (country store doesn't have produce), and i don't have a car, so my aunt picked some up for me today, yay!(chew chew chew) Am i aloud to eat as many banana's as i want all day? Or do i have to eat only at the scheduled times? hmmm...:confused: I had a tough time going to bed "early" last night. I got in bed at 12:09 and layed there until about 3am before i finally fell asleep. Of coarse it didn't help that my boyfriend was up until 5am playing his computer war games and chatting with skype the whole time. Everytime i thought i was near sleep he would burst out laughing or start shouting orders to his team mates about war type things :mad:.

I set my alarm for 8am and until 9:15am i hit the snooze button when it went off every 5 minutes, i finally dragged myself from bed and turned the lights on to assault my eyes into wakefulness. :eek:

I didn't have any banana's this morning, so before i had my morning tea, i ate 2 apples and a glass and a half of warm water, being sure to chew well of coarse. I discovered that apples have a lot of skin, as i kept finding pieces of it hiding in my mouth for a while. Then i had my tea, 1 tsp brown sugar, 1 splash whole milk. I drink decaf. (Ever since i started drinking decaf, my consumption of tea over the past year has dwindled to "maybe" one or two tea's a day, and often none at all. I don't drink coffee.)

For lunch i had a bowl of veggie soup. For snack i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and another apple, with more water.

And just now, i had another apple and half a banana....and more water. warm of coarse. I figure i'll just have rice for dinner, cause i don't really have anything else thats easy and good for me other than more fruit, outmeal, more pb&j's and more soup....

I don't think i'm good at making rice, its always over or under cooked. I have two types in the house, one is calrose, which i under cook everytime! And the other, well i can't remember what its called right now, but my aunt says that they use it for putting in rolls cause its kinda sticky, i make this one cause i screw it up the least. I just throw in half and onion sliced, a few cloves of minced garlic, some soy sauce and a package of onion soup mix. When its done i melt a tbsp of butter in it. Voila, Dinner!

Well its 5:30pm, better get cooking, cause i have to soak the rice for 30 minutes before i cook it. Maybe, just MAYBE i'll get to sleep before Midnight......;)
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