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Day 15

Posted December 11th, 2008 at 05:09 PM by cmurphy202
Alright so far today so good.:cool:[LIST=1][*]banana[*]cranberry jucie[*]peanut butter[*]salad with cheese[*]2 peppermints[*]soy chips[*]oatmeal rasin cookies (5) :([*]baked zita and garlic bread[*]some lowfat frozen yogut[/LIST][LIST][*]Finished eating by 6:00[*]Planning to go to bed early[*]and i did 25 minutes on the eliptical (240 cals)[*]which makes the frozen yogurt go away[/LIST]my goal for tommrow is to have similar foods and avoid OD of cookies in the afternoon my new limit is 3 since apparently i need one hehe
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Day 14

Posted December 10th, 2008 at 04:42 PM by cmurphy202
:eek:AHHH!!! i have not been staying on track..ive been eating unhealthily but i have been workiing out so maybe it balancess itselt out maybe not but finals are not good for dieting thank god i only have 3 more...:mad::confused:
today i weighed 118.2 i just bought a new bunch of bananas and my goal by friday is 116.8 it is realistic because this weight is the type that you gain in like 2 days from eating too much

ill post back tommorow hopefuly with a lower weight
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Day 2 & 3

Posted December 10th, 2008 at 03:14 AM by Olia
Day 2:

[COLOR=darkorange][B]Brunch: 1/2 apple, water[/B][/COLOR]
later [COLOR=magenta][B]porridge[/B][/COLOR] (waked up late...)

[B]Snack: chocolate[/B]

[COLOR=purple][B]Dinner: Christmas party in the university[/B][/COLOR] so it wasn't so healthy... ate cakes, rice porridge etc + alcohol

[COLOR=seagreen]Sleep: late...[/COLOR]

Day 3 (today):

[B][COLOR=orange]Breakfast: 1 apple[/COLOR][/B]
[COLOR=magenta][B]Lunch: sausage, salad[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=darkorchid]Dinner: egg, salad[/COLOR][/B]

[COLOR=mediumturquoise]+ swimming[/COLOR]
[COLOR=seagreen]Sleep: by midnight[/COLOR]
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day 12ish

Posted December 9th, 2008 at 09:01 PM by cmurphy202
118.8 down from where i starteed but i still need to do a better job i have not been sticking to the banana diet too stirctly
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Day 1 with apples

Posted December 8th, 2008 at 03:53 AM by Olia
Updated December 8th, 2008 at 02:32 PM by Olia
[COLOR=red]Start weight: 58/127[/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=orange]Breakfast: 3/4 apple :p, room temperature water[/COLOR][/B]

[B][COLOR=magenta]Lunch: sausage, egg, carrots + r.t. water[/COLOR][/B]

[B]Snacks:[/B] [B]the rest of the apple[/B] :D + another apple if i feel hungry

[COLOR=indigo][B]Dinner: don't know...[/B][/COLOR] My friend has birthday today so I guess I'll eat some cake in the evening. Will try not to eat too much of it though. :)

[I]General comments:[/I]
[I]It feels good to have some eating rules although they are not so strict. At least I don't eat all the time, like I did before. Maybe because today I'm too tired to eat (slept only 2 hours) or maybe this is only beginning...[/I]
[I]Well, we'll see. :rolleyes:[/I]

[COLOR=mediumturquoise]30 min Abs workout[/COLOR]
[COLOR=seagreen]Sleep: 00:33[/COLOR]
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Day 7 omg nooo wayyy

Posted December 8th, 2008 at 01:52 AM by aucuneidee
This is unbelievable...
I've been binging soo much that I thought I was gna gain 5 pounds by the end of the week (finals week.. heh) Yesterday I ate pizza and sth like 10 cookies... plus I ate a giganormous bowl of rice every day... and when I mean giganormous I mean GIGANORMOUS haha!

I lost 1.5 pounds!!! :)

136.5--> 135

oh wow...


Good luck to everyone trying the banana diet! :)
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Day before day 1 :D

Posted December 7th, 2008 at 11:40 AM by Olia
So, I dediced to try this diet too. I've accidentaly found it on Internet and thought "why not". Since I've become pretty careless with what I'm eating, I can try this diet cause you can eat whatever you want.. in fact. I know, sometimes I won't follow it strictly but it's better than not following any diet at all. :D Also, I hope I'll find other dieting people, who'll encourage me. :o

Unfortunately, I didn't buy bananas for Day 1, but I have apples. So, I'll start tomorrow with apples. :)

My weight is 127,8 pounds / 58 kg now. And I'd like to lose 11 pounds / 5 kilos... So, let's see if it'll work. :rolleyes:
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Day 2 & 3

Posted December 6th, 2008 at 06:48 PM by
[U][B]Day 2:[/B][/U]

[U] Morning:[/U] at 9:00 AM; two bananas and a bottle of water (couldn't get room temp. due to a rush to class).

[U] Lunch:[/U] at 11:30 AM; a salad with red wine vinegar (no meat) and a bag of baked lay's cheddar chips.

[U] Snack:[/U] at 3:15 PM; a chocolate chip cookie made by my floormate's uncle (lol).

[U] Dinner:[/U] at 6:00 PM; a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich from Panera Bread and a bag of chips all with water.

--I had a little alcohol that night due to a Celtics Basketball game with friends!

[U][B] DAY 3: The Weirdest Day of Dieting[/B][/U]

[U] Morning:[/U] I missed bananas for breakfast--had to go tree picking with friends for Christmas extremely early in the morning. So we were served a French Toast casserole instead, with bacon. I had a small portion with two strips of bacon and water.

[U] Snack:[/U] at 1:00 PM; a small bag of popcorn at the tree farm.

[U] Lunch:[/U] at 3:00 PM; four very small slices of pizza and manually took the cheese off due to being lactose intolerant and water. Did not eat crust.

[U] Dinner:[/U] at 9:00 PM (I know!); a small bag of Tostito Scoop chips with medium salsa and the usual, water.

[B] Today was a really off day! :([/B]
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Day 7

Posted December 4th, 2008 at 08:37 PM by cmurphy202
i gained .4 ....and i ate a lot today so i dont think tommorows gonna be much better :(

my problem is when im doing good then i can feel like i can eat a ton and then i just gain it back i gain and loose like 5 pounds every week
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Day 1: the beginning of the journey.

Posted December 4th, 2008 at 08:23 AM by
Updated December 4th, 2008 at 05:00 PM by scout
Hi! Totally new to this, but felt the need to keep a blog about the diet.

After watching a Youtube clip about the 'Morning Banana Diet' and reading this site thoroughly, I decided to try it along with my friend (for motivation).

My glass weight scale broke due to me cleaning and a bottle of nail polish dropped on it causing it to crack and shatter; so I'm going to post the weight I was when I was home for Thanksgiving.

A little about me: I am an Asian female college student in Boston.

[B] Height:[/B] 5'5 1/2''- 5'6''

[B] Weight:[/B] 175 lbs (last week when I was home for Thanksgiving)

[B] Exercise: [/B]starting just three days ago...gym 5-6 times a week for about an hour each time I go. I do the elliptical for 30-45 minutes. Sometimes some cycling for 15 minutes and weights afterwards focusing on my abs and arms.
Size: [/B]

Jeans = 29 in Guess Jeans; 6 in Gap Jeans; 9 in general Jeans.

Shirts = usually a Medium or Large

Dresses = usually a large. I have an abnormally large rib cage so finding dresses are a problem.

[B]Other Info: [/B]I started birth control two months ago; so I may have gained a few pounds. But I hope to lose it.

[B] Goal Weight:[/B] 35-40 pounds; 135-140 lbs.
What I want to get out of this: [/U][/B]a healthy body and slimming at the same time. I don't want to have my spare tire and portly arms anymore. I want to look good and not look 'jacked'. Otherwise, the rest of my body is fine.I would also like to get down two pants size at least. And definitely a few dress/shirt sizes down.[B][U]

[U] Breakfast:[/U] at 10:30 AM; two bananas (one regular sized; the other a bit smaller) and lukewarm water.

[U] Lunch:[/U] at 1 PM; an onion bagel with light cream cheese and lukewarm water.

[U] Snack:[/U] at 3 PM; chocolate chip muffin--low fat.

[U] Dinner:[/U] at 5:30 PM; breast of a chicken, salad (containing corn, beans, olives, tomatoes, and a little bit of vinegar dressing (no oil)) and some steamed brocoli. Also had a slice of wheat pizza but I removed the cheese and just ate the bread due to being lactose intolerant. Sipped on warm water and had a small cup of popcorn (no salt/butter).

Thanks for reading; [I]please [/I]comment!
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