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Posted July 27th, 2013 at 05:12 AM by memorysun
Tomorrow it will be my first day of banana diet.
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Good Website Design Tips

Posted March 14th, 2013 at 12:13 PM by remas2010
Good Website Design Tips

First impressions last

First impressions last. Did you ever hear this English proverb? If you didn’t then it is time that you pay attention. A group of researchers at Carleton University in Ontario came to a very shocking yet interesting finding and that is the majority of internet users take less than a second to decide whether they like a website or not!
In a blink of an eye

Scientific research proved that it takes a blink of an eye for a website visitor to assess a website’s visual appeal. Before taking time to read the content, a process called aesthetic appeal: dealing with beauty and taste is triggered by the subconscious to prompt the brain to judge whether the website looks initially good or not. If yes, the user will continue checking the website, if no, the back button is always there to click.

There you go. You have less than a second to lure your website visitor into staying, checking out your website and reading your message and content. I would argue that this first impression is very much the last impression but I think you already figured that out. So what are you going to do about it?

Now that I have your attention, you must be thinking “This is a lost fight. I might as well give it up!” wait, you don’t have to do that.

What do users “scan” in this one second?

A typical user will check your website design visuals: the layout, the color scheme, the font, the buttons, distribution of content and images in that split of a second. Not necessarily in that same order but these are some of the elements that affect his / her decision to stay longer or leave.

Time to remember what you are here for

Last time I checked it was “to attract, communicate, interact” with your website visitors “to convert” them into users.

Nothing has changed since then except that now we know that there’s a time element to consider: a window that is open only for One second to attract your viewers.

Stretching that One second and making it count

Others are doing it, so why can’t you? Yes, as hard as it may seem it is doable. It just takes a considerable amount of work from your side to stretch that One second to make it count and invoke favorable effect on your viewers. Now, it is about time we discuss website design primary aspects.

Aspects of web site design





Since we have covered visibility (ref. SEO, and writing SEO friendly article) and content in earlier posts, it is time we discuss appearance and usability.



Use a single style throughout your website. If you are making a business website then I suggest your website design style to be simple, professional, and relevant to the theme of your content.


Use colors to “attract” your viewers and prepare their subconscious for what you have to “communicate”. If you use color wheel you will be able to create color combinations that match well. Research suggests that colors have psychological impact on its viewers, use your colors wisely. Allow me to share a psychological interpretation of what the colors invoke in your viewers:

Source: Wikipedia, Color psychology


Use fonts that are easy to read, and eye relaxing. Choose wisely some fonts when capitalized cause a mess.

Paragraphs, highlight and bulleted text

Use short paragraphs instead of long ones. Use section headers, highlighted words and bullet lists to make your page more Scannable. As a rule of the thumb, do only what is necessary to make your text stand out.


Your website should be user-friendly, minimize the time an average user needs to understand how your website works. A simple layout will do the trick provided that you offer clear instructions and the right labeling. Your viewers must understand how they can interact on your website to become users.


For that to happen, first you need to help your users navigate smoothly across your website to become familiar with its content. Help them find their way by highlighting where they are – in the navigation bar – so that they think of where they should go next. Place your navigation bar across the top of each of your website pages and make sure to make clear - as opposed to vague - labeling for the navigation buttons. Some users will really appreciate if you included simple navigation buttons in the footer of the page.

Search Box

A search box that offers search by keyword is always valued by most users: it saves time and effort.


Use headlines to quickly and briefly “attract” viewers’ attentions to your content. Use headlines to “communicate” solutions to their problems. Headlines that directly address the viewers’ needs will most likely encourage them to stay and find out how they can obtain them.

Animation and Media

Avoid the use of animation: people get irritated for having to wait until it loads, and some search engines find difficulties in reading them.

Use media to support your informative content i.e. showcase your product, and its value. It is better that you leave nothing to imagination make sure your website users understand what is your product or service and how it works.

Contact Information

Remember that a website isn’t just about looks. The reason you are going through all these efforts is to sell a product or to provide a service. Make sure that your viewers are able to find you. Make sure your contact us area and accessible from all pages.

In a Nutshell

"Stretching that One Second requires that you keep simple, attractive and professional website that doesn’t take forever to load which offers good and informative content in an organized and relaxing environment that answers your viewers’ needs and helps them to evolve into customers"
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Cool Action Figures

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 04:49 PM by wangliying
Transformers, which are also made by Hasbro, start off as toy cars when you buy them, but then they transform into alien robots. The Transformers franchise has been made into huge blockbuster movies, which has brought the toys even more popularity.

There are also figures for many different superheroes. The most popular currently being Batman, from the success of the recent Dark Knight movie. In addition to the Batman action figure, you could also purchase the Bat-mobile or a villain to go with, such as the Joker. Spider-man and Superman are also popular <a href='/'>action figures</a>. Spider-man and many Spider-man villains can currently be purchased from any toy oline. Superman is not as popular right now, so he might be a little harder to find.

While action figures are mainly for boys, there are some that may appeal to girls as well. Girls are generally more interested in dolls than action figures, but when movie characters are made into action figures, girls may be interested. One of the top selling action figures on Amazon currently is the Edward Cullen action figure from the movie Twilight. This action figure is geared towards teenage girls. Girls of all ages (and boys as well) may also be interested in Harry Potter.
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Hello World! Stay healthier, longer.

Posted January 7th, 2013 at 08:37 PM by chiaria
Hi everybody from anywhere around the world. Let's star this thing clarifying a thing: I don't really need to lose weight right now. I've always been a pretty skinny girl even if I didn't really use to watch what I was going to throw into my body.
I just gained a little weight two years ago, I think due to a metabolism change I had getting further into my adolescence. Anyways, my difficulty to gain excessive weight despite my not perfect eating habits, I'm sure it's due to the fact that I've always been doing some physical education activity and sport, since I was a little kid.
In the last year, however, I've been sensitized by my father about the right food we should eat every day: first for our organism, second in the row for our body shape.
I got rid of all that processed fried food, snacks, sodas that I had around (even if I still have my exceptions once in a while) and in the last year I lost 3 kg (translatable to about 6 pounds) getting to the perfect body weight (maybe even a little too low, considering I haven't been a voracious eater in the last few months).

I'm not here to lose a massive amount of pounds, but instead, to keep searching to best way to eat, to consent to my body to stay healthier, longer.

I've never thought to have a banana for breakfast, as I usually have some milk with either cereal or bread and jam (like every stereotypical european), but it sounds like a really healthy and natural choice.

So folks, what else could I say..let's give this a try! ;)
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Day 4

Posted December 31st, 2012 at 02:51 AM by hart2hart
Ok, went out to dinner last night.
Steak,sweet potato,salad.
BUT, I had two bourbons and seven
And guess what? Yes, the scale went back up 1 lb.
So back to being good about my choices.
Just have 1 hour exersice class today. But maybe can get in something else if the weather is not to bad.
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Posted December 30th, 2012 at 08:25 AM by hart2hart
Beginning weight 145.5 this mornings 140.0
It has been one of the easiest food changes I have ever done. I have not felt overly hungry at all.
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Day 2

Posted December 28th, 2012 at 11:36 AM by hart2hart
Over slept, not starting out smooth on the routine part of the diet. So had to skip the breakfast and grabbed a cup of coffee for the road to work. Weather better so I got to teach my exercise class, so got in hour of Pilates and hour of cardio and 30 mins yoga. So needed all after a week off. So even though I cheated yesterday with the crackers and jelly I still lost from 145.5 to 142.5. True that could be a lot of water from all the Holliday meals. But it is still good to see. Got home at 1:00 had my glass of water, banana and water again. So hoping I don't cheat before dinner, except the allowed chocolate. Dinner 1 tamale,beans,corn and glass of red wine.
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First day

Posted December 27th, 2012 at 05:55 AM by hart2hart
Joined yesterday, so I started today on trying out this eating change. I don't care for the word diet. As I forget to drink water I am hoping this will also help me with that. The morning and day went well. Did get harder when getting home later than usual because of bad weather and went off my plan by eating crackers with jelly. So I will need to put in place a safe food to have on hand for when I can't keep to my schedule as planned. I also feel short on my water plan. I was trying for a goal of six glasses and made it to five.
New day tomorrow.
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Posted December 7th, 2012 at 08:38 AM by olive80
Are amazing! Had the first ever last week. So tasty. Still no nanas, u know too much of a good thing? I've been doing grapes, tho. Frozen. So tasty.
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Posted November 21st, 2012 at 07:37 PM by olive80
Bananas were fing the s out of me.
I need to find a new fruit. :'( apples do it too...fml.
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