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Firt reported day

Posted October 22nd, 2008 at 08:54 AM by AmandaRose
[B][SIZE=4]My Morning Banana Diet Day # 1 (10/21/2008)[/SIZE][/B]

[B]Weight:[/B] N/A pounds
[B]Body Fat:[/B] N/A percent
[B]Bedtime:[/B] 9:00 p.m.
[B]Bowel Movements: none[/B]
[B]Exercise:[/B] walked half an hour to work and then half an hour home

[B]Breakfast[/B] (07:20 a.m.)

1 banana and water

[B]Lunch[/B] (12:00 p.m.)
turkey and mayo sandwich
fish sandwich with tarter sauce, lettuce and cheese. and water

(Unfortunately, I was still hungry after my small sandwich, but I made the mistake of the fish sandwich because then I was real full. I think I'll eat more bananas in the morning or have a small snack in between)

[B]Snack[/B] (05:00 p.m.)

one small banana
handfull of peanuts
small handfull of chocalate covered raisins

[B]Dinner[/B] (06:30 p.m.)
My boyfriend works at a restaurant and they had been trying to cook different new entree's to put on the menu. So there were small portions of leftovers he brought home.

2 small portions of different steak
1 small portion of chicken
1 small portion of ribs

[B]Evening Snack[/B] (00:00 p.m.)


[B]Thoughts and Feelings:[/B]
Well, I did not do a good job in my opinion. I made the mistake of eating too much at lunch. Also made the mistake of having my snack at 5 pm not realizing my boyfriend was coming home early with an unusual dinner. I definately need to buy a scale to weigh myself and keep track of my results. I'm not sure how the other users figure out their body fat percent, I will have to look into that. I have hope that tomorrow I will do better.
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The body fat is probably from one of those electrical impedence scales. I'm not sure that they are really accurate. They're fun, but you have to enter some data, your age, sex, etc. When the battery runs out and you lose the data, you need to find the manual again to get the scale working. If I get another scale, I'm just going with a plain vanilla electronic scale that doesn't require any settings.
Posted October 23rd, 2008 at 08:52 AM by Mango Mango is offline
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