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Hello World! Stay healthier, longer.

Posted January 7th, 2013 at 08:37 PM by chiaria
Hi everybody from anywhere around the world. Let's star this thing clarifying a thing: I don't really need to lose weight right now. I've always been a pretty skinny girl even if I didn't really use to watch what I was going to throw into my body.
I just gained a little weight two years ago, I think due to a metabolism change I had getting further into my adolescence. Anyways, my difficulty to gain excessive weight despite my not perfect eating habits, I'm sure it's due to the fact that I've always been doing some physical education activity and sport, since I was a little kid.
In the last year, however, I've been sensitized by my father about the right food we should eat every day: first for our organism, second in the row for our body shape.
I got rid of all that processed fried food, snacks, sodas that I had around (even if I still have my exceptions once in a while) and in the last year I lost 3 kg (translatable to about 6 pounds) getting to the perfect body weight (maybe even a little too low, considering I haven't been a voracious eater in the last few months).

I'm not here to lose a massive amount of pounds, but instead, to keep searching to best way to eat, to consent to my body to stay healthier, longer.

I've never thought to have a banana for breakfast, as I usually have some milk with either cereal or bread and jam (like every stereotypical european), but it sounds like a really healthy and natural choice.

So folks, what else could I say..let's give this a try! ;)
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