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My Morning Banana Diet Day 1

Posted February 6th, 2009 at 08:20 AM by phattygirl
Updated February 6th, 2009 at 08:32 AM by phattygirl
[B][SIZE="3"]My Morning Banana Diet Day #1 (Feb 4, 2009)[/SIZE][/B]

[B]Weight:[/B] 200 pounds
[B]Bedtime[/B]: 08:30 p.m.
[B]Bowel Movements:[/B] 1


Treadmill walked 3.5 on a 6 incline for 30 mins.


[B]Breakfast (06:00 a.m.)[/B]

2 banana(s)
12 ounces water

[B]Lunch (10:00 a.m.)[/B]

2oz Healthy Heart Deli Ham
1 slice of Kraft Selects Cheese
2 slices whole wheat bread, mustard
1 oz Baked Lays Mesquite BBQ Chips

[B]Snack (03:00 p.m.)[/B]

Breakstones cottage cheese doubles with strawberry

[B]Dinner (00:00 p.m.)[/B]
1 bowl Chili
1 piece cornbread
1 cup broccoli slaw

[B]Evening Snack (00:00 p.m.)[/B]


[B]Thoughts and Feelings:[/B]

I was very hungry after I ate breakfast. I wanted to eat the entire day. I am not sure if the hunger was becasue I worked out before breakfast.
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Day 5 and 5 lbs (Total) Gone!

Posted February 6th, 2009 at 07:31 AM by naana
This has been a good week! 5 lbs gone total after starting the diet monday. I didn't get in the bed until 1:00 am so today I'm tired, but plan on getting to sleep earlier.

B- 2 Bananas - glass of water

L - Turkey Sandwich - 2 ounces turkey, lettuce, tomato, small raw carrots and an apple

S - 14 almonds and 1 c sugar free chocolate pudding

D- 4 ozs chicken, 2 1/2 cups salade - 2 tbs lite dressing

Drinks throughout day - Water, 2 cups coffee with lite creamer, 2 Diet Cokes
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Day 27!!

Posted February 5th, 2009 at 06:27 PM by AngieBabyWeight
[CENTER]Hi all! I have finally updated my blogger again! I gained weight?! :rolleyes:


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Day 2

Posted February 5th, 2009 at 09:07 AM by paultubby
Updated February 5th, 2009 at 10:03 AM by paultubby
2 Banana and water

1 apple

[COLOR="Purple"]Lunch [/COLOR]
1/2 cup of brocoli
1/3 cup of rice
1 little chicken breast(without oil)
1/3 lentils
1 apple

1 fatfree mango yoghurt

edit: Ok since I had not some stuff I made another dinner
raw salmon with soy sauce
aubergine and red pepper
banana and apple

I tough It would be cool to post photos.I took by phone ,kinda crappy photo.

Today I am really hungry, and I feel really dizzy I dont know why :confused: maybe because I'm still sick. :confused: But I feel so much better, I went to school.

Is it okay to eat more than 1 banana at morning :confused:
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Week 4 Feb. 1st - 6th - Conitnued

Posted February 5th, 2009 at 06:51 AM by cathythomas
Well it's Thursday of week 4 and I'm doing really quite well, getting to Gyn and doing 1.5 miles on the Treadmill, getting some time in on the Eliptical machine, and doing my lower body weight, I do my upper body at home. On Wednesday morning I skipped having the Banana for Breakfast and had a bowl of Oatmeal (just was not feeling like eating a Banana). I think it helps to have something diffrent now and then to keep from getting burned out on the Banana, also I keep in mind I can subsitute another fruit sometimes in the palce of the MOB. But I'm feeling goog and my clothes are looking better and better on me. I am having some problem with the frequency of a bowel movement :eek: and may need to explore that issue a little more. I will up date my progress for week 4 on Sunday or Monday. Everybody keep you good work.:)
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Week 1 & Excited!

Posted February 5th, 2009 at 05:52 AM by naana
This is a great way to share our MBB diet sucesses (or struggles)!

This is my frist week on the diet - I started Monday February 2. This past weekend I was taking my medications for High Blood pressure and acid reflux and it hit me - I had never had a problem with either one until I gained all of this weight. I went to my Doctor and would promise I would 'try' and make some lifestyle changes, but the heavier I got, the more meds I've had to take and the worse I feel.

I have already lost 3 lbs. Although this may not be much, its a good start. Like some of you I have tried all sorts of diets, but this one seemed to bring me back to eating healthier and cutting back on my portions.

A sample of my typical day on the diet:

[B][B]7:00 am[/B] Breakfast[/B]
2 bananas and a bottle of water (room temperature)

[B][B]12:00 pm[/B] Lunch[/B]
1 1/2 c of mixed green salade -
1/4 c of shredded Fat-Free cheese
2 Tbs Light Dressing
1 cup of soup (not over 200 calories)
5 Fat free crackers

[[B]B]3:30 pm[/B] snack[/B]
8 Fat Free Triscuit crackers
1 oz Fat Free cheddar cheese

[B]6:30 pm[/B][B] Dinner[/B]
4 ozs of fried porkchop (no oil) with seasoning
1/2 c beans
1 c steamed veggies

[B]Drinks throughout the day[/B]:
Cold Water
2 cups of coffee
2 Diet Cokes

[B]Bedtime - 10:00 PM[/B]
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First day

Posted February 4th, 2009 at 11:00 AM by paultubby
I started my morning banana diet today!
I decided to write a blog so it will be more easy to keep going on the diet :)
I would apreciate suport and coments too.Thank you.

[B]Starting weight:[/B] 48kilos
[B]Target weight[/B]: 40 (and I'll be happy for all my life haha.)

Today I was sick so I did not go to school,so I woke up late :(

[COLOR="Indigo"][B]Breakfast[/B] (12:00 pm)[/COLOR]
1 Banana and water

[B]Lunch[/B] (3:00 pm) [/COLOR]
half hamburger meat(without oil)
1/2 cup of brocoli
1/3 cup of rice
half carrot
1 fatfree yoghurt

[COLOR="Indigo"][B]Snack [/B](5:30 pm) [/COLOR]
1 Banana

[COLOR="Indigo"][B]Dinner[/B] (8:15 pm) [/COLOR]
1/2 cup of brocoli
1/3 cup of boiled green beans
1 boiled potato
1 cup of fiber kellogs
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my banana blog

Posted February 4th, 2009 at 10:17 AM by kreilly6
Ok, so I saw this morning banana diet on the cover of Woman's World. Typically I just glance at the cover in line at the stores but there were a couple people ahead of me so I started reading. It sounded interesting & easy, so why not? I've been stuck for about 6-8 months at this plateau from hell!

Don't get me wrong! I'm thrilled to have maintained a 30 lb weight loss! BUt I still have a good 15-20 to go! I started walking everyday & lost a few in 2 weeks & then the 3rd week I gained! That was depressing! So the 4th week I really checked out of my exercising & while I didn't lose any lbs- of course- I did measure myself & found I had lost almost 4" in the most important places. OK, that's great.

Anyhow, so back to the diet & the magazine. I had just been to the warehouse club that morning & had tons of bananas so I thought, 'why not?' Now, my son & I love bananas. We already eat a lot of them. BUt never with this special twist of having them alone for breakfast.

This is my second day & feel really pretty good! I've not been hungry or thinking about food & that's truly amazing! I'll need to get some more bananas soon b/c I have been eating 2 in the mornings so I'll run out fast.

I did have morning coffee both days. I didn't know about waiting 15-30 minutes after the bananas/water so I'll start tomorrow with that.

Yesterday for lunch (l) I had a lean cuisine & a salad & dinner(d) was tacos- homemade so low cal/fat. I had dark chocolate at around 9pm though & hadn't had my "sweet" earlier in the day.

Today so far: L- tomato soup & salad w/ starwberries, walnuts & lite dressing; had fruit about an hour later; was hungry about an hour after the apple so I had 6 triscuits & a low fat string cheese for a little protein. I'm not sure what dinner will be. Maybe chicken chili.
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Week 4 Feb. 1st - 6th

Posted February 3rd, 2009 at 07:58 AM by cathythomas
Ok I'm starting week 4 of the MOB Diet, I staying faithful to having the Banana with Room Temp water every morning for Breakfast, and since I'm not a big eater one Banana is enough for me. I finding that this totally fills me up and I don not have that feeling of hunger all day long, there are time that I could prbably go without eating at all. My concern is my metabolisum should be working about every 4 hours letting me know to eat something, when I initally started the diet it was but now I at the point that I just feel pretty full all the time and I don't have to eat every 4 hours. Today I did have the midmorning snack of the 100 calorie bag of pretzels. I'm back in the Gym this week and also doing some upper body exercise at home. I have lost weight, not sure how much as I don't have scale at home just going by how my clothes are fitting me, and they are looking much better on me. I don't think that my concern is a massive amount of weight loss but looking better in my clothes and I know that going to the gym and working out and toning is going to help improve they I look. I will let you know how things are by the end of this week.
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Day 5 -- still wondering how does this diet work!

Posted February 2nd, 2009 at 05:30 PM by
Updated February 2nd, 2009 at 11:49 PM by julie14a
I haven't weighted myself in a few days, so, I don't know if I've lost weight at all. I have to admit that I haven't been following the diet as strictly as I should. I do eat bananas for breakfast and I drink a lot of water. However, it's hard for me to eat before 8pm every night, completely cut out dessert, and to go to sleep by 12.

I'm trying though. I forced myself to go to bed by 12 these two days. I started reading to get myself to sleep. I am also gradually cutting down on dessert! So, Wish me luck!!

Until this point, I still don't understand how exactly does this diet work. Some say it's the enzymes & fiber in bananas that improve digestion and bowel movement. Some say that it's the potassium that regulates bodily fluid and increases metabolic rate. Some say that potassium helps calcium absorption and calcium is the actual chemical that makes this diet work...

Judging from the dieters' blogs, a friend of mine pointed out that most of the people succeeding on the diet are ones with relatively poor lifestyles and/or eating habits to begin with. She thinks that the diet works because it's just a healthy way of living. I agree with her on this. Think about it, eating plenty of fruits, drinking plenty of water, and having enough sleepy are all good for us. Even the health professionals would agree, right?

At this point, I am just curious to see if this diet works for me. I have a relatively healthy lifestyle -- except for the sleepying part. I eat a lot of veggie. I don't eat fast food. I go whole grain if possible. I also exercise 2 to 3 times a week. If this diet works for me, I assume it's the physiological effects that make it work. If it doesn't work for me, then it's the healthy lifestyle and eating habit part of this diet that that make it work. We will see!!
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