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So happy!

Posted August 23rd, 2012 at 02:55 PM by olive80
from my last weigh in (the journal-y things), I've lost 1.5 lbs, so I'm finally making progress.
breakfast today was the noodles I had last night (I just made them over again), four cream cheese puffs, and some lichee. I ate three of them, I think. Maybe four, I don't remember, they're so good, though. I need to buy not-canned lichee from the market soon. Maybe I can convince the bf to tag along, he wants to stay in and just watch fringe - which I'd be all for if lichee season wasn't ending soon. Oh well, I can always get it canned in the store, and rinse them off - the syrup can't be good for me.

Anysnooch, lunch was most of a buffalo chicken sandwich (it only had chicken, sauce, and bread. I cut some of the bread off, probably a third or so...maybe less, like a fourth. I dn't remember, but I didn't eat all of the bread. I had five mallow-cream pumpkins because a of all) the guy gave me a discount, and b of all) I haven't seen them outside of the halloween mix in ages, so I had to take advantage.

I got a small soy steamer with a cherry shot as usual, and I found out that a of all) yes, the one cashier had been giving me a discount, and b of all) He's aparrently desperate, because he keeps trying (with no success) to flirt with any woman who strikes his fancy. Ah well.

I'll be heading into work later just to steal their internet and take advantage of the fact that they are open later than most other places...well...I might not do that. I might just go on to the bar - there's a free show there, and I'm excited to try and get my social life going again. I think one of the bandmates was telling me bout it today. He was talking like he was in the show, at least. Not that it matters much either way (He didn't strike my fancy too much, and I've got a mate - which is probably why he didn't...)

No idea what I'm doing for dinner. If I'm at the bar, it'll likely be ...wings, or corndogs, and fries. Though I could try the diner. I could also try this chipotle behind me. I'm not actually that hungry right now. I put some of my powder in the drink earlier. Meh.
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