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seriously, am I the only one using this site?

Posted November 1st, 2012 at 03:15 PM by olive80
K, so...I've had the weirdest thing happen. I mean...I guess it's probably not that weird, but I think it kind of is, idk. Anyway, I normally used to eat two bananas, but then I realized mid-week, I was pushing myself to eat/finish the second banana, and yesterday I just couldn't eat any more than one. I normally get hungry a bit later, but after bringing my second banana to school and having it turn brown, I realized that it's probably too cold outside for that. I've resorted to dun dun dunnnn pizza rolls 'cuz they're already frozen... I only have between 6 and 10, depending on how many I pack. I think 10 is too many, so I'll go back down to 8. normally, it's one of the two things I have that are unhealthy, 'cuz I also have that afternoon sweet. Once I buy some apples, I think I'll cut the pizza rolls down or switch them to a later meal.

well, anyway, today I had my banana and water, then once I got to school I had the pizza rolls, and for lunch, I had a grilled cheese sandwich, some string cheese, and an apple - oh, I forgot some fizzy caffeine, I was feeling lightheaded, and misguidedly thought it was a caffeine most likely wasn't...'cuz my water was caffeinated (yes, I put caffeineated things in my water, I like cherry mio, and my bf gave me a bunch of his already caffeinated water...(he likes the green mio.)

I think for dinner, I'll probably have 1/2 can of ravioli and some noodles with kimchi. I think I'll head home early so I can do something about my hair (I just sprayed the chizz out of it, so now it's was soft before :'( ).

or maybe since it's thursday I'll do that tomorrow. lol.
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