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weight loss

Posted March 16th, 2012 at 08:22 PM by davidmc1012
The majority of people don’t put into consideration the effects of lack of sleep to their efforts on losing load and how it can have an effect on their health and how it can slow down the progress of their goal on weight loss. It isn’t hard for most people to lose pounds if they just have realized earlier all the essential factors that would contribute to the success of their [url=]weight loss[/url] problem. Studies shows that a right amount of good rest or even just a quick nap from a strenuous activity would eventually promote good health. Sleep deprivation actually delays and destruct the positive outcome of your mass trashing plan but when you get the proper sleep that is required to a normal person most likely to happen is it doesn’t only hamper mass gain but it also helps you keep on track. It is scientifically proven that sleep affects our levels of a hormone known as Ghrellin. Ghrelin is a gastrointestinal hormone that regulates the appetite. It is assumed that if we're not getting enough quality sleep, this hormone may be to blame. The belief being that Ghrelin levels rise when sleep deprived, which stimulates the appetite when we otherwise would feel full, and not feeling full, when we may have only just eaten. Another hormone known as Leptin may be a secret reason for obesity. This hormone is produced by fat cells, and the Leptin levels tell the brain when we need more food.

The effects of sleep deprivation on Leptin levels is that they rise with sleep, especially a long, quality sleep and conversely the levels drop with a lack-of or poor quality sleep. When lack of sleep and these unsuitable hormone levels of our body are combined any weight loss plans that is being set would eventually lead to an instant failure. Failure to do have an equal and proper amount of rest would really result to the breakdown of the good cells of your body. It is really important for a normal person to have enough and suitable rest based on his daily activities that he is actively joining. Unawareness is always the fault reason of the fall down of their future plans. Nearly everyone isn’t aware of their lack of sleep so this eventually leads to mass gain without them noticing it. This equals to overeating during periods that we are sleep deprived.
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