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Posted August 28th, 2011 at 10:20 PM by bee123
Updated August 28th, 2011 at 10:23 PM by bee123
Degree of care, tariffs and performance evaluation index system

Tariff protection degree is to point to protect domestic production and

tariff in market of the size of the role.
As countries implement tariff protection of trade policy measures, since

countries one of import and export commodity structure, the focus of the

different different protection, leading to even the same tariff levels in

different countries production and market of domestic protection is not

the same. Therefore, we need to have a comprehensive assessment tariff

protection degree of index system. Usually use tariff BaoHuLv name,

effective BaoHuLv and tariff structure indexes, such as the comprehensive

measure to protect the size of one country tariff level.

1. Tariff levels

Tariff levels (tariff level) is to point to a national average of import

tax rate with tariff. Can be roughly measure is a national import duties

or the degree of protection, it is also a country attend trade agreement

negotiations customs problems must be solved. For example, in gatt

negotiations, tariff cuts will often tariff levels as more countries

tariffs and cut tariffs on the index. Tariff calculation, can through the

two methods of calculating the average gain simple method and weighted

average method.

Simple average method according to the tax rate is one country tariffs

(legal rate) to calculate, namely whether every tax items of the actual

import quantity, according to the number of tax items only tariffs for

its rate of the arithmetic mean because many of tariffs. High tax rates

of the taxes is prohibitive tariffs, little or no relevant goods import,

and some of the import a lot of goods is zero tax or tax-free. Therefore,

the calculation method of the important tax items will trade and the

secondary tax items are in the same weight calculation, is clearly

unreasonable. Because simple average method can't truthfully report the

one country tariff levels, so is seldom used.

The weighted average method is to use the number of imported goods or

prices as a weighted function to average. According to statistics caliber

or more range of different, can divide again for a full of the weighted

average method and the sample of the weighted average method two kinds.

(1) the sum of the weighted average method, that is, according to a

period of import duties on the total amount of all imports value. A

percentage of the total value of formulas for the

Tariff levels = x 100%

In this calculation method, if one country in tariffs exempt items, more

calculated value is low, hard to see some tax rate. So the discretion of

the goods, the other a kind of method is according to import tax has the

percentage of their gross commodities import tax calculation, this
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method, the numerical method than the above a few higher. Computation

formula is
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