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Feeling lighter already. . .

Posted March 14th, 2010 at 07:54 AM by kjay77
Hello my new buddies,

First of all, I have been avoiding my scale like the plague. I finally forced my self to weigh this morning and I was five pounds lighter than I expected to be. :eek: Now that is the way to start a diet. Right? I am really excited about this program. It is so hard for me to restrict foods. The only thing that I will struggle with is not being able to have ice cream. I will actually get up in the morning at like 3 a.m. and eat all the ice cream in the freezer (alone while watching weight loss infomercials.) Ironic? My goodness, I am currently in an adulterous relationship with strawberry milkshakes. And yes, my husband does know about it. By the way, Little Debbie is one of my closest friends! LOL Anyhow, you know that saying, "Nothing Taste Better Than Being Thin Feels?" CRAP!!! I have never felt better in my life than when I am curled up in bed with a huge bowl of ice cream, drenched in caramel, covered with salty peanuts with sprinkles on top. You get my drift. Okay, so now I am drooling. My 6's are hanging up above my washing machine and I know that they miss me. I haven't put them on in two years. I take that back. I did put them on on New Year's day and they came a little above my knees. I was like, "Hey, they still fit me. . ."if I were a rapper." HA, HA. . . :cool: I thought that I'd put them in a place where I would be forced to look at them. I wash sooooo many clothes. Mother of 3, including twins. Now Nadya Suleman washes more than I do I am sure. Doesn't it suck how great she looks now? I mean, I'm happy for her just totally JEALOUS! Seriously, great job Nadya. Well, I hope that you guys found this entertaining. Perhaps it brought a little bit of comic relief to your day. In closing, I'd like to mention that I think this is the perfect eating plan for me cause I'm bananas anyhow!!! See ya.
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