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The Morning Banana Diet is not the first weight loss banana diet. There have been various word-of-mouth banana diets over the years that work a bit differently from the Morning Banana Diet. Their goal was to discourage you from overeating at meals by having you eat a relatively satiating banana before all meals to fill you up, rather than limited bananas to breakfast.

In this sense these older banana diets were variations on the Grapefruit Diet or the Cabbage Soup Diet. Grapefruits and cabbage soup fill you up, the latter with liquid. (Grapefruits also affect your sense of taste to make eating food immediately after less pleasant.)

Reporter Mary-Liz Shaw of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in a 2003 article traced banana diets to the late 1970s, when they paired banana eating with old-style diet foods like cottage cheese.

A January 2003 revival of the Banana Diet by “slimming editor” Sally Ann Voak of the UK’s Sun newspaper caused a brief resurgence. Touting a potential 14-pound weight loss over 28 days, the “medically approved” diet provoked a one-day increase in banana purchases of 30 percent at UK food retailer Tesco.

Shortly after the Sun’s series on the diet ended, in classic UK tabloid fashion the paper panicked their loyal, dieting readers with a story predicting the imminent destruction of the entire world banana crop due to a vicious fungal disease called Sigatoka. The only hope to save the fruit, according to the Sun, was in developing a genetically modified fungus-resistant Frankenfood banana, a fate particularly horrifying to the GM-food-phobic UK public.

Thankfully, bananas are still with us.

The Amazingly Simple Banana Diet

In 1995 writer Clifford Thurlow, known mostly for ghostwriting a book about Salvador Dali’s sex life, branched out into diet books with his book The Amazingly Simple Banana Diet. This book outlined a rudimentary diet program, padded out with banana recipes, a botanical history of the banana, and a bizarrely detailed (for a diet book) account of the banana’s role in world historical events, including the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The book sunk without a trace.

Another Japanese Banana Diet.

With various publishers in Japan trying to capitalize on the banana diet boom, variations are beginning to branch off from the original “Asa Banana Diet” developed by Hamachi. A recent example is publisher Izumi Shoten’s Banana Plus Detox Soup Diet book. This book is based on a diet variation devised by a Dr. Kazuyoshi Fujimoto, who prescribes a banana with water before every meal.

Jumping on two bandwagons at once, Dr. Fujimoto also recommends a detox soup made from six super-veggies (tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, green peppers, and celery) for some of the dieter’s dinners. This sounds like the soup that Master Cleanse dieters eat when they are coming off of their maple syrup lemonade “fast.” In addition to “detoxing” you, the soup is conveniently low calorie, presumably resulting in additional weight loss.

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John Hunter 12.04.08 at 7:24 am

What a great idea! A banana supposedly sports about 3 times the nutrients of an apple. So go bananas, or rather, go for the one banana. I’ve lived in Japan, and I love their approach to things–is is typical Japan philosophy, and it’s wisdom in a nutshell….or in a banana peel. Sorry for the goofy jokes.

mara 12.09.08 at 1:04 am

I have a question:
may I eat bananas at lunch instead? I like milk and cereals at morning while I don’t care about lunch! Do you think it would be possible to invert the kind of food ?
Thank you!

Ed 12.15.08 at 4:18 pm

Sometimes I can’t avoid skipping eating breakfast because I’m always in a rush in the early morning before I go to work, so I simply grab one or two bananas (or more) and eat it with plain water. This gives me the energy to start the day (although I sometimes feel hungry a few hours later).

kix 01.24.09 at 2:31 pm

what do u mean by raw bananana?

Jill brush 02.03.09 at 1:03 am

I lost 75 lbs last year with weight watchers, exercise and the biggest loser club. Then, my weight loss came to a sudden HALT! I’ve lost and regained the same 5 lbs for ALMOST a year now and can’t seem to get back into the zone! (and believe me, I still have 90 lbs to lose!)

so…I’m HOPING this banana diet gives me the jumpstart I need to get some more weight off.

one question though…can I put CINNAMON on my banana?

Connie 03.29.09 at 4:40 am

I am 49 yrs. old and and about 65 lbs overweight. I started the banana diet 2weeks ago with my older sister(62) my daughter(29) and we saw immediate results and by weigh in on the 7th day, I had lost 10 lbs, my sister 4lbs and my daughter 8lbs. We must have lost inches too because we all noticed our clothes fitting a lot looser, we didnt think to measure ourselves first. Anyhow we all feel better, we do feel less hungrier, less cravings and more energetic. We have also started walking 5 days a week during the same period but only like 20 minutes a day until we can handle walking longer amounts. We all agree that it doesnt even feel like a diet. We followed the menu suggestions on Woman’s World magazine, February issue. I have tried only a few other types of diets but never had results like with this diet. I am using it as a jumpstart to help me get motivated to eat healthier and I feel very optimistic and I havent ever been this motivated as I am now. I will try to keep updating. Good luck to those of you who want to give it a try. It wont hurt thats for sure!

SHARON 04.13.09 at 1:55 am

I would like to known after the bananna/water. What’s for lunch and dinner? I need to lose 55lbs.

I do hope that this is for real.


Overweight Mom 04.16.09 at 10:43 pm

Going to try the diet from today lets see if it works

Edith Wanjiku Kang'ethe 04.20.09 at 4:22 pm

is the row banana you are talking about ripe or unripe, is it the one to be cooked? and which is the best type of banana to be eaten for the morning banana diet

Nesreen 04.28.09 at 8:40 am

how does this work? ok you eat one banana in am, what about lunch, dinner and in between snacks?

Please clarify if you can.

Thank you

linda 05.04.09 at 1:32 pm

i lost 4pounds for 2 weeks..

s willis 05.13.09 at 8:32 pm

hi i done the banana diet from the sun in 2005, it was in just in after christmas you had to send away for it, but now i have moved and lost the diet sheet would you be able to send it through email please thanks

nora 06.25.09 at 4:37 pm

it is work to lose a fat at your leg???i really dont my leg beccouse its full of fat..did banana diet really work??help me!!!!!

Elsa 08.15.09 at 1:18 am

I did the diet long time ago , stll have fat in my legs. You need a lipo surgery to removed the fat cell. I went to the gym for ever, never loose the fat in my belly until I went to a plastic surgeon , now look great , no belly no fat. It so much you can do at the gym . eat 1200 calories a day and you will loose weight.

Jonesy 09.06.09 at 6:23 pm

I met I guy in a pub on the weekend who told me about this diet, he said he lost 17 kilos in a month… I’m hoping I can lose 10kg in a month… I hope this works!

brenda 10.06.09 at 5:45 pm

Hi, my name is Brenda. I am a ‘fatty’ at approximately 35 pounds overweight. I have been researching weight-loss as like so many others have managed to get to my ‘ideal’ weight a number of times, only to pile all the weight back on (often with a little extra). What my research has found is that the old clich√© “it’s in my gene’s” is not so far from the truth. Many of us who were not fat children find that in our late teens, twenties and thirties, depending on what is going on in our lives, gain weight. This can often be due to leaving home and having to fend for ourselves and exercising less. For me it was going to university and eating a lot of fast foods and snacks when studying. Anyway, geneticists are now discovering that if you have been overweight at some point in your life, your genes adapt and you process fat differently to slimmer people. So you could eat the same as someone slim (in my case, my size 8 sister!) but your body immediately stores the fat content of the food, while theirs does not. Therefore, this may be the reason a lot of us ‘fatty’s’ find it harder to loose weight and to keep it off. So it’s not a simple as slimmer people think. How many times have you been told ‘just eat less’ !!!!! As if we don’t know that. This is only one simple explanation and not to be disheartened, I am going to try the banana diet to get kick-started. Fingers crossed.

amal 10.07.09 at 3:30 am

this diet is oky for brest feeding mother

Victoria madumere-Ndukwe 11.21.09 at 8:22 pm

I am sixty years old. Ten years ago, I lost a very lucrative job, developed high blood pressure without knowing it, baloonedout and had heart failure. My children rescued me. Last year I lost another job and history repeated itself. My blood pressure is under control but a few weeks back, I started piling up the weight again. . . My doctor says it is because I eat too many BANANAS! How’s that?

rodorah 12.28.09 at 4:19 pm

i eat banana as part of my diet but the problem is, I easily constipate.

mommy 01.09.10 at 11:09 am

rodorah - Just make sure you drink plenty of water, it really makes a difference!

gabriela 02.25.10 at 8:40 pm

i dont understand… people say that bananas make you pick up weight……
and if this makes people lose weight … what is being dont are we replacing certain food with a banana or are we just having it for breakfast or can you eat it all day around?

Atchi 03.02.10 at 9:47 pm

I have a question, what if I wen to bed late [ after midnight] is it will effect to this way to loose weight?

Sara 03.08.10 at 5:21 am

I have a huge belly that no matter what i do, doesn’t disappear. So tomorrow i’ll start this diet and i’m really hopeful that its going to work. I have a really low self-esteem because of it and i really need to loose all this belly fat and also a bit in the legs to be finally happy and comfortable with myself. I’m already jogging everyday so lets see if it works. Wish me luck, i’ll need it!

Good luck for all of you, too.

Sherri 03.10.10 at 5:20 pm

What do you mean by raw bananas, do they have to be green or ripened yellow?

Nauman 05.31.10 at 1:27 am

Salam…… I am gonna make a start 2morow, so every1 reading this should wish me a great luck. thanks……………………………………………..

maria 11.05.10 at 6:28 am

hi my name is maria, im 19 years old …. okay we eat bannanas every moring, but what about at lunch and dinner please help me!!!! what kind of food should i eat!!

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