User Agreement

Conditions of Use

When you visit (Morning Banana), you agree to the stuff on this page, which may change from time to time, and on the Privacy Policy page.


None of us are medical professionals. And as for who members of the forums are, we have no idea. We don’t think you’re putting yourself in any danger by eating a few bananas, but if you are serously overweight or have preexisting medical conditions, you need to deal with your obesity in consultation with your doctor. What we’re saying is that if you fall into those categories, you are not permitted to use this site (this is a contract after all … a “browsewrapped” contract).


We claim a trademark in the name “Morning Banana Diet” and the banana label logo for use in internet or dead tree publishing relating to weight loss. By using this site you agree to that. We do not claim a trademark in “Asa Banana Diet,” “Banana for Breakfast,” “Banana Diet for Breakfast,” or any of the other English or Japanglish names for the Japanese banana diet that preceded our original coinage of “Morning Banana Diet” in July 2008.


All the content, including the text and photography, on Morning Banana’s non-forum sections are original to us, not copied or translated from Japanese sources, and are copyrighted by us and cannot be used without our permission.

Blog and Forum RSS license

There may be RSS (syndication) feeds available here and there on the Morning Banana site (it’s hard to track them down and turn them off, what with autodiscovery and all). Our policy with regard to RSS feeds is to supply full-text feeds rather than excerpts. These feeds are licensed to you for your personal use in your RSS reader, whether it be on your PC or Mac or in an online service like Google Reader. But if it’s an online service, the service has to be behind a password login wall. You can’t just take our full-text RSS feed and throw it up on a spam-blog for some free content. That sort of use is not licensed.

Blog Comments anf Forum Contributions

You may use a psuedonym if you wish for your blog comments and forum registration, but please leave a real e-mail address (so we can forward any libel lawsuit filings to you). As the creator of your comments and postings, you own the copyright in them, but you agree to license them non-exclusively to Morning Banana for use on the Web site, the book, the motion picture, the Oprah appearance, and any other use we want to put them to, in perpetuity, royalty free, and irrevokable, in original, edited, or translated form.

You agree not to post other people’s stuff in the forums or blog comments. Only post material that you have personally written or photographed and thus own the copyright to.

Forum and Jurisdiction

If a dispute arises under this agreement the laws of Nevada pertaining to contracts executed in that state govern. Any claim must be brought in a state or federal court in Las Vegas.

Contact Information

E-mail us at or snail mail us at Morning Banana, Inc., 3155 East Patrick Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120.

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