About MorningBanana.com

This Web site was begun in early July 2008 by expat Americans living in Japan who observed and were fascinated by the emergence of the “Asa Banana Diet” (朝バナナダイエット) or the “Banana for Breakfast” diet, as it was dubbed in English on the cover of its creator’s first book and on his Web site. We wanted to bring information about the this diet to the English speaking world, as well as just have a place where we could discuss it in our native language.

And we also wanted to discuss how this diet might be adapted to the food culture, foodstuffs, and meal patterns of the United States and other countries, since many of its details don’t translate well outside of Japan. Jettisoning “Banana for Breakfast,” we decided on a more literal rendition of the name used in Japan for our internationalized effort, the Morning Banana Diet™. Though the name seemed at first seemed a bit awkward, it has caught on and has since been used frequently in the English language media.

To be honest, the diet at first seemed silly, but although we don’t all buy into the theories that surround the diet, the actual practices of the diet seem to be common sense techniques that work to produce a modest amount of weight loss without the superstructure of an expensive and complicated diet regimen.

The diet

  • Gets you filled up early in the day with a healthy, high fiber food
  • Stops excessive snacking by regulating when you can snack
  • Makes you conscious of what and when you eat, which generally results in better dietary habits, since people eat better and less when they think about it than when they let themselves eat reflexively
  • Increases your overall sense of wellbeing by encouraging you to regularlize your meal patterns and sleep habits (net surfing till 2:00 a.m., anyone?), which makes you less inclined to eat excessively

The Morning Banana Diet was primarily defined in a Mixi discusssion forum, but the number of Mixi forums discussing it has increased, and there is quite an archive there of information. In addition, the diet’s “proposer,” Hamachi, with his pharmacist wife, have written two books, one of which is available in two Japanese editions. And there is at least one book about the diet from another publisher in whose publication Hamachi cooperated.

Moving away from this canon of information, there are other Japanese language “banana diet” “mooks” (which differ in details from the Morning Banana Diet), and a host of magazine articles and TV shows that have introduced the Morning Banana Diet (many of which have gone off on tangents not approved by Hamachi, such as including various banana recipes that involve cooking the bananas).

We’ll be mining this data for information to bring to you.

And if you too are a bilingual expat in Japan or a English-fluent Japanese and would like to contribute to the site, the forum or the blog, get in touch at info@morningbanana.com or mention your interest in the forums.

“Morning Banana Diet” is a trademark of Morning Banana, Inc., 375 N. Stephanie Street, Suite 1411, Henderson, NVi89014-8909